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Planted Papaya at the Farm

As part of the Food Forest at the farm, we planted 20 papaya saplings today. Our soil is heavy clay and it’s not the right one for Papaya. They prefer soil that drains well. We’ll have to wait and see how the saplings cope up.

Papaya is one of my favorite fruits and they have become my part of my staple breakfast. Am keeping my fingers crossed and really hoping they take off.

Why This Saloon is Popular Among School Boys

This saloon has something simple that has made this the most popular saloon among the school boys in our village. Just a mirror and a spiral comb attached to a rope. It’s become a magnet for the boys, who tidy their hair before entering their school nearby.

I asked the saloon owner what prompted him allow the students to use the mirror. He replied, it costed him nothing but has earned him a lot of good will among the kids. This simple gesture has made the kids choose his saloon over others. Being kind hearted makes good business sense.

Kumutha, Our Third Calf at Vaksana Farms

We’ve been blessed with another baby girl at Vaksana Farms. At early morning 2 AM, Thilaka, the Mom, gave birth to a beautiful girl. My kids had a discussion this morning and they have christened the calf as ‘Kumutha’.

The Ingenious Envelope

I came across this very innovative envelope. One that is not out of necessity. You see, it’s very common for guests to give contributions during family functions. It’s almost always an odd amount such as Rs.501 or Rs.1001. While giving the money, it’s always a challenge to find that one rupee coin. So, some ingenious person found a jugaad to sell the envelope with the one rupee coin already attached to it. This way, the person can charge a premium for the envelope. A brilliant business idea by adding value that differentiates from the competition.

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