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Upcoming Podcasts at CNN Asia Business Forum

I’m right now in Bangalore to attend the CNN Asia Business Forum, which is an invite only event that brings together key business leaders and thought influencers to assess India’s position in a tumultuous global economy.
I’ve lined up podcast interviews with very interesting personalities. The list includes:

Ajay Singh, CEO of SpiceJet Airlines

Phee Teik Yeoh, CEO of Vistara Airlines

Nandan Nilekani, Cofounder of Infosys

Yesterday I had a very interesting interaction with Sunita Rajan, Senior Vice President, Advertising  Sales at CNN.

In the conversions, I look forward to digging into their career journey, life lessons and explore new ideas and innovations that capture their imagination.

Very excited for the event.

Lessons from Instagram Founders.

I was listening to NPR’s awesome podcast titled, ‘How I Built This’, which had a segment on the Instagram founders.  After I listened to the half hour interview with Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, I asked myself what would be the two important take-aways from the podcast.  Here’s what stood out for me.

They quoted Eric Ries, the author of ‘The Lean Startup’ who said its important to have conversations with people who liked your product, why they liked your product and take steps to make it even better.  Many times, we pay higher importance to things people don’t like and work at solving those.

Another important takeaway is that they made Instagram open to follow. Back in 2010, it was common for most social networks to be closed and one can only follow someone else if both are connected as friends. Instagram was among the earliest social networks where anyone can follow anyone else. This means you can follow any celebrity, sports star or politician. This was a key point for Instagram’s growth. Now, these features are used in most social networks, including Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

Jeff Bezos’ Two Pizza Rule for Team Size

Heard the Two Pizza Rule at #Techspectations event which I hosted in Kochi. The two pizza rule is by Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, to limit team meetings to  8 people or less.

The goal of the two pizza rule is to increase productivity and prevent HiPPO phenomena that often occur in large groups which tend to discourage creative thinking. HiPPO, which is an acronym for the “highest paid person’s opinion,” describes the tendency for lower-paid employees to defer to higher-paid employees. 

Proud to Host Techspectations, Kerala’s Largest Digital Summit.

Heading out to Kochi shortly to host the largest Digital Summit in God’s own country. This is an event hosted by Malayala Manorama, largest media house in Kerala. In addition to hosting the day long event, I will also be moderating two panel discussions, one on Startups and the other on Mobile. 
The organisers have lined up an interesting set of sneakers who am quite excited to connect with. More information on the speakers at www.Techspectations.com

A Bag of Gold

Today, I got a bag of coins. Precious Ten rupee coins. The Madras Advertising Club, where I teach Online Advertising, paid my honorarium of Rs.1000 in Ten rupee coins. In these times of #Demonetization, it sure felt like a bag of gold! 

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