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How Listening to AudioBooks is Keeping me Healthy! 

I’ve started to listen to audio books and podcasts during my daily walks. This has been a fantastic decision. Not only am I catching up on my “reading”, I’m actually walking more. 
I’ll have to admit that reading physical books was not working for me. I have NOT finished 95℅ of the physical books I’ve bought. On the contrary, I’ve finished every audio book that I’ve bought. 

Since I enjoy listening to books, I’ve consequently started to walk longer. I now average more than 5kms a day. My investment in Mi Fitness Band has been totally worth it. 

Here’s to more listening, learning and walking. 

The Expensive .BLOG Domain.

I was listening to Matt Mullenweg‘s entrepreneurial advice at Tim Ferris Podcast. Matt is the founder CEO of Automattic which makes WordPress.  Matt is cool. So is WordPress. It powers 26.5% of the World’s websites. During the podcast, he said that he makes it a point to blog atleast 4 times a week and I found this inspirational.  I for one was struggling to keep up with my personal blogging (ironical for a guy who runs a company called ‘Business Blogging’). So, I hopped on to Matt’s blog to imbibe some inspiration and found that his company has launched .BLOG, a new top level domain.

I was curious and wanted to check it out. I only had half the interest in booking Kiruba.Blog domain because I have always advised my clients not to have a separate blog but to have it as part of the main domain. When I went to http://Get.Blog, I was disappointed at the high cost of the domain name ($30) . And to make it worse, the signup fee was obnoxiously high at $220.  So in all $250 for a domain name for your blog. No, thank you.

At a time when blogging is being eroded by facebook, snapchat and Whatsapp, I would have rooted for a much cheaper approach to encourage people to get a professional domain for their blog.

blog domain screenshot

blog domain expensive


How I Decided to Add Zing to My Business Travels and Make Them Interesting.

Making Business Travel Interesting

One of the better decisions that I have taken is to make my business trips to other cities be worth it. Usually,  I fly in the morning, finish my meeting or my talk and fly out that night. It’s very….err..umm…businesslike and banal.  So, I made two resolutions that added the much needed mojo into my travel.

1) I decided that I will meet up with interesting people in each city I visit. This is where my Podcasts, Kiruba.TV (Podcast with Achievers) , Digital PowWow (Social Media Podcast)  and First Book (Podcast with Authors)  comes in handy. I always have someone interesting people to reach out to.

2) I decided to add at-least an extra day to my itinerary to visit interesting and offbeat places in the city.

Here’s to more travel, visiting more interesting people and places!

The Inspiring Story of Abhay Deshpande: How a CEO Made a Successful Exit Inspite of Every VC Turning Him Down!

Abhay Deshpande MartJack As part of the continuing series of ‘StartUp Summits’ that I’m privileged to host across multiple cities in association with IAMAI & Google, I came across one speaker that caught my attention. At the Hyderabad edition, Abhay Deshpande, the founder CEO of MartJack, spoke about his entrepreneurial journey.

Quite honestly, until then I hadn’t heard either of the company or its founder. Few things that immediately caught my attention even before Abhay stepped on the stage. He had successfully sold his company and in his own words for “a significantly sizeable amount”. Now, that’s an important credential. An entrepreneur who has made good money. People were now ready to hear his story.

Abhay spoke less about his successful exit but more about his struggles as an entpreneur and his leader. He has this amazing down-to-the-ground attitude that makes him very endearing to the audience. The one story that still stays fresh in my mind is that huge dissappointment he faced when a large Ecommerce company (am guessing Amazon) pulled out of a US$50 Million buyout at the last minute. He was saying that many of the staff were eagerly awaiting the bounty and even started to scout for fancy apartments and cars to buy. But went the deal failed, there was huge dissappointment and the morale was low. He spoke about how as a leader one should shirk aside the loss and put on a brave face because everybody else looks upto the leader.

Abhay was also very candid in telling how he miserably failed raisng money from the VCs but raised US$7 Million seed capital from over 85 small investors. He proudly said that every single one of them made good money in the end.

Over lunch, I asked him about his future plans. His reply was to soak in the victory. The last 12 years was only about struggle and hardwork and he said he was particularly guilty of not taking his family out on a vacation. That’s on top of his priority.

Thank you, Abhay, for inspiring a whole new generation of entrepreneurs.

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