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Binge-watched Narcos

Last night, I got to understand the true meaning of ‘Binge Watching’. I watched the first episode of Narcos and got hooked. I ended up staying awake the whole night and watched all 10 episodes of Season One. Such brilliant storytelling and acting. I would rate this better than most Hollywood movies.

Crowdsourcing the Exams.

Wrapped up a successful course on Digital Marketing for the MBA students at Bharathidasan Institute of Management (BIM Trichy).

For the Final Exams, I did something I have never done before: Crowdsourced the questions!

The entire class was split into 9 teams right from the start of the course. Each team had to research a global company and dissect their business and marketing strategies. Now for the final exam, they had the freedom to fix their own questions specific to the company they researched.

End Result: I had a healthy bank of questions that were way better than even I could up with.

When you respect the team and give them the responsibility, they surprise you with greater level of involvement. Like a wise man said, the best form of learning is when you teach. That’s what my students did. Proud of them.

Learning Case Method Teaching from Harvard & IIMA.

Very happy to have been accepted to the Case Method Teaching Program conducted by Harvard and IIM Ahmedabad. One of my life-long goals is to become a highly impactful teacher. People who know me know how much emphasis I place on class participation and collaborative learning. The Case Method is a brilliant way for students to learn practically and I’m really stoked that Harvard is bringing this course to India. Can’t wait to turn into a student and head to the IIMA campus.

Another Shot at Everyday Blogging

I missed my goal of blogging every day. By a long shot. A 11-day break. What do you do when this happens? Acknowledge the misstep. Don’t crib or sulk. Get right back up and restart again. That’s exactly what I’m doing. Here’s another streak.

Ajay Ratnam and Professional Speaking

Did you know Actor Ajay Ratnam who has acted in over 400 movies across 5 languages is a professional speaker? Spoke to him about the Professional Speakers Association of India and he was only too keen to join it.

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