I'm a Social Media Entrepreneur, Professor of Digital Marketing, Author of 5 books, Podcaster and an Organic Farmer.



Health update: Visited the Doc yesterday. The medications he prescribed seemed to have positive effects. The fever is down but not completely out. Still feeling the tiredness. I’ve decided to work out of home for now. It’s great to work in a company that really understands employee needs.

I’m living on a diet of Rasam Kanji (liquidy mashed boiled rice mixed with rasam)& juice. Try not to get too jealous, guys ! 🙂

Hello! Is it me you are looking for? For three consecutive nights, I’ve been getting blank calls. Not just one but seven to eight. That too at odd hours in the morning, around 3:00 a.m. At a couple of times, I could hear a female voice at the background.

Listen, if you are reading this, can we take this relationship beyond silence? As Humphery Bogart said in Casablanca, this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Not keeping good health. Last sunday, I was playing with the tiny tots in my apartment terrace. One of their favorite game is a sort of Gulliver V/s Lillitputs. These kids would chase me, hound me down, get up on me and do the victory dance. I think the cumulative weight of these kids was too much for my ribs to bear. I heard a ‘twak’ somewhere deep inside and had this immediate difficulty to breathe. I didn’t get too worried until an energy sapping fever gripped me.

Nothing like a caring wife to get you back in shape. She didn’t go to her office too on monday and tuesday and stayed by my bedside. I’m staring at a stiff deadline on an important project at office. I desperately hope I’d get alright.

I bought a Tanjavur Painting. I’ve offlate been fascinated in art and decided to give in to my heart. It also helped that my wife shares the same passion. Art has always been expensive that kept us away from it, but starting last month, we started saving for it. I’ve mentally allocated a portion of my salary for buying art and conciously cut down on other expenses. I began convincing myselfthat this is an investment for life. The next few months should see us visit a lot of art galleries.

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