Kiruba is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, podcaster and a farmer.

The Afforestter – Chai with Lakshmi

I’m developing a mini-food forest at my farm and this is inspired by Shubendhu Sharma, an automotive guy turned an eco-entrepreneur. He has set up a professional firm called ‘Afforest’ which helps build man-made forests. He follows the Japanese ‘Miyawaki Method’ of helping grow forests that aid in faster growth. Thanks Lakshmi Rebecca for bringing him on to your show.


Benefits of working in a farm

One of the many side benefits of working in a farm. Next weekend, a bunch of us are headed to our village. Ping me if you are game.


Farming Unconference Planning Meet

Farming Unconference Planning Meet today at 6pm at Thiruvanmiyur Beach. A team of city folks who are passionate about farming are meeting this evening to organize an unconference slated for August 17th. You’ll get to meet some truly awesome people. If you want to join in and help out, please be at Thiruvanmiyur Beach at 6pm. Call me at 9841597744 for directions.

Feeding the Land


To increase the fertility of the land, we don’t use chemical fertilizers. Instead, we use cow manure and let it compost. Right now, we have just a single cow and hence buy the manure from other cow owners. More Photos

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