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The Green Tunnel

The Green Tunnel : The road that leads to our farm. Bless the soul that planted these decades ago. Shot this pic during a heavy downpour. — at Vaksana Farms

Bucketlist Bootcamp: Starting with Why

A team of ten very committed individuals landed up at our Vaksana Farms over the weekend to focus on their life goals as part of the @Bucketlist Bootcamp event. http://www.Kiruba.com/bucketlist. Before even getting started with the goals, we explored a very important aspect, the ‘WHY’ part. Getting inspiration from Simon Sinek’s best selling book ‘Start with Why’, we all got down to writing down the reasons why we wanted to achieve our goals. In this album, you see photos of us introspecting the reasons and putting them up creatively.

First day – Bucketlist Bootcamp

Photo taken at Sankarabarani River, one of the two rivers that sandwiches our Rettanai Village. The participants of ‘Buketlist Bootcamp’ kickstarted the first day by trekking alongside the river. The beauty of offsite retreats is that the bonding between people happens so easily. This bonding is vital for people to feel comfortable sharing their goals and struggles with each other during the event. — at Rettanai village.

At My Class – BIM, Trichy

What do you do to stop your students from dozing off? Get Balloons !! They work like magic! At BIM, Trichy, I had to teach 5 hours each day and had to figure some fun activities to break the monotony. Before the class, we secretly taped the balloons under the chairs. Mid-way during the class, I asked them to fish the balloons out, blow them and hit them around. 100 balloons flying around with just one rule. Even if one touches the ground, the entire class loses. You should’ve watched the fun. Two minutes later, we were back to the lessons refreshed. — at Bharathidasan Institute of Management

Rethinking the Bucket List: Kathleen Taylor at TEDxTampaBay

This is a beautiful TEDx talk that emphasize two projects that I’m passionate about.

1) Creating Life Goals: How its important to introspect, be true to yourself and think beyond just creating a list of things to accomplish. Today, an inspired bunch of 12 people leave to our farm to be part of ‘The Bucketlist Bootcamp’. http://Kiruba.com/bucketlist

2) UnKick the Bucket: Life Lessons we can learn from people who have near-death experiences. This is a book project. The video focuses on similar lines on what we can learn from the dying. http://Kiruba.com/bucket

Do yourself a favor and watch the video.


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