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Hackathon in progress at IIM Ahmedabad

Hackathon in progress at IIM Ahmedabad. They are on a 24 hour coding deadline to produce an app from just an idea to a demo product. Folks have been glued to their screens from 10am. Their enthusiasm and passion is infectious.

The Curves of IIMA

The Louis Kahn inspired architecture of IIM Ahmedabad thrives on curves. I went on a themed photoshoot capturing the 20 best curves around the campus. Take a look.

Perspectives: Farming of the land and the mind

Ranjini Rao, Editor of http://IamPositive.in/ blog and a Digital Marketing expert with a large global IT company has an interesting take on life after watching the video on Vaksana Farms. A very interesting read. http://iampositive.in/farming/


My interpretation : It is indeed a nice way to begin a video and introduce Vaksana farms.Its always so good to be close to Nature and greenery.Did you know ? The end to end process of “Farming” teaches us one beautiful life lesson and I would like to relate this to process of ” thoughts into action ”

Sowing : Our mind is the like the green barren land you showed us.A farmer decides what seeds he wants to grow into a harvest at the beginning , which means if he sows a mango it won’t grow into a jackfruit – analogy on sowing the seeds is like sowing good thoughts in our minds

Maintenence & Cultivation process : Farmers need to keep checking the soil condition and keep watering the cultivation for the seeds similarly we need to cultivate good thoughts and good actions by being in good company and positive people and enrich our minds with good content and deeds. and bad thoughts or deeds are the weeds in our mind ,farmers ward off any rodents , organic pesticides to ensure quality output , whereas in life we need to ward off bad habits and keep checking our goals and journey on the right path .

Harvest & Fruits: Finally when it’s harvesting time not less Or more – the farmer knows when to start enjoying the fruits of his action – life is governed by law of multiple returns or karma . What you sow you reap in action :)

Kiruba, Thank you for this wonderful video it just helped me gather a different perspective.

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