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IAA – India Chapter

Excited and a trifle nervous to step into the big bad boys club. Each one of the gang is vociferous and highly opinionated. This high octane debate is part of Social Media Week Mumbai taking place on 23rd September in BlueFrog Mumbai. The topic of the debate is “Social Media does not contribute to the Socio economic growth of the economy : Yes or No?”. No surprises which side I’m on. I’m pairing with Dr.Subramania Swamy. My opponents are the fiesty Suhel Seth and Jawhar Sircar, CEO of Prasar Bharti. This should be fun and I’ve already started to sharpen my knives.

On a Skoda via Shimla

Awesome weather. Picturesque views. Stunning terrain. Head-spinning curvy roads. And a great car. A combination that any motorhead would kill for. Over two days, I had a chance to drive the soon-to-be-launched Skoda Octavia from Chandigarh to Chail via Shimla and back. Here’s a photo album from the trip with an emphasis on the car. A detailed travelogue on the journey will soon follow. — in Chail, Himachal Pradesh.
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