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How to Cram 16 People in an Autorickshaw !

This is how I travel the last leg of the journey (7 kms) to my village. The bus frequency is less and hence these share autos make good business. An auto that is built to take four passengers, now transports 16 people. Here’s how the math works. Three in the front (including the driver). Four in the back seat. Three in the small wooden seat opposite the rear seat. Two who cling on the sides. And finally four in the trunk. Welcome to village life!

Heading out today to IIM Ahmedabad

Heading out today to IIM Ahmedabad to host ‪#‎AppFest2013‬, India’s largest Mobile Development Unconference. Thrilled to know that the registration numbers have crossed 730. Way beyond the 200 I was expecting. Now, to go and rock the show. Huge kudos to the IAMAI team (Internet and Mobile Association of India). http://www.AppFest.in/

Lovely Log House on ECR Road, Chennai

Somebody has good taste. A small, cozy log house can be found on the East Coast Road on the way to Mahabalipuram from Chennai. I took the liberty to walk up to the house (no gates helped). A nice place to spend the weekend.

‘Weather Vane’ from an antique shop

I was lucky to find this beautiful ‘Weather Vane’ from an antique shop. Have been looking for one for a very long time. This will go up on the roof of our farm house. This was used earlier to show the direction of the wind. Interestingly, the cock turns itself to face the wind.

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