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Warner Bros is shit scared of bootleg copies of the latest Harry Potter movie being shared on the Net. I really don’t they should worry too much as this Wired article suggests. For starters, most of the copies are camera prints which are not so good in quality. Second, the big screen experience with dolby stereo effects can be never replicated on your PC. I happened to see a pirated Net version of Austin Power: The Gold Member and couldn’t stand watching it for more than 5 mins. It really screws up the movie watching experience.

Hacker Cracker: A Journey from the Mean Streets of Brooklyn to the Frontiers of Cyberspace. Looks like a good read. It’s an autobiography of Ejovi Nuwere, a 21 year old guy who went thru a lot of struggle in his young age, who taught himself to be a computer hacker and now has grown to be a computer security specialist in one of world’s largest financial firm in New York. Don’t expect though to learn hacking from this book as learnt from reader reviews. Treat it just like any other memoir.

Try searcing for Google in DomainSurfer.com and you will receive an astounding 639 domain names. This sure is a sign of popularity. Hint: To see domains with google appearing first, put the ^ sign before google in the search box.. like this ^google

Google Cooking : Heard from Judy Hourihan – “Recently I’ve become a Google cook. What I mean is, shortly before supper time I look around for some combination of foods I’ve got on hand and which seem like they might go together. Then I ‘google’ them and browse through the results until I find a recipe that appeals to me.”

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