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When you have some free time and are in a mood for a good read, try Fray. It has become an annual ritual in San Frisco where writers and designers jam up to let their story telling juices flow. Fortunately for those of us who couldn’t make it to the event, the stories are online for us to enjoy. I suggest you sample Fray by reading Don Bruns’ Toothbrush Envy. Wonderful.

What’s Tim Berners Lee upto nowadays? He is part of the technical team working on Curl. Tim who ?!! Geez man, don’t ever participate in a quiz !. He is the creator of the World Wide Web and director of W3C. What’s Curl ?! Ok, that’s a reasonable question. Curl makes the web more efficient by allowing the client’s desktop PC take on some of the load for the browsing of the net. Essentially what this means is that every time the user clicks on a link, the data is not delivered from the server containing the site but rather it is processed using the clients CPU.

An open letter to Blogdom : “An unqualified jackass shares an opinion no one Asked” . A humorous write up by Bob on his reflections of the whole blogging thing !! (via ) shows you the highest commented posts on blogs currently appearing on If you wanna participate, make sure your site has RSS feed.

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