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Kiruba Shankar

I’m travelling out of town and hence there will be no updates till Sunday morning. Time to take a breather.

I Interviewed Marcelo Cabral, who is the proud developer of w.Bloggar, the nifty fantastic tool that helps you upload your posts to Blogger, Movable Type and a few others, in a jiffy.

I had started using w.bloggar a week back and ever since I’ve been hooked to it. I no longer visit the blogger.com site to upload content. So impressed was I that I decided this product and its creator deserved more coverage. So I quickly jotted down a set of question, some of them a little uncomfortable, and shot them to him. Marcelo really gave a frank, no-airs, down-to-earth answers to all the questions.

Go ahead and read his interview !

The End of The PopUnder Project : Yup, decided to yank it off. For thos new to the project, click here. No more opening of other blogs in a new window .. all for good reasons.

1) The PopUnder actually became a PopUp. And how we hate popups.

2) The blog site that opened got mistaken for a porno site, hacker site and a X10 minicam ad.

3) The server that hosted Jayant’s blog could not handle the huge traffic that was directed to it ….. 😉

I have no qualms pulling the plug. Even though the appreciations far outweighed the brickbats, I knew I wasn’t having a good feel about this inside me. There surely must be a better way to help each other support our blogs than this method. I’m happy I gave it a shot. Actually having a smut feel of satisfaction. Thanks guys for sticking by. Ironically, my stat server recorded the highest number of page views since its inception. Strange !!

Want to have your own commenting system ? Then you want to do what Satyen has done. He has ripped dotcomment’s PHP code and neatly tweaked it to add smileys and a template he likes. Pretty neat, I should say.