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Head straight to Macromedia.com for a fun quiz on Flash, Dreamweaver and ColdFusion. Even if you are into these stuff, check out the cool way they have made this quiz. This is right on the homepage. It may not be there for more than a day… so rush away.

There was this satirical letter that Potti pointed out which was addressed to Jeff Bezos, the Amazon.com CEO from Network Solutions, the administrator of all .com domain names. The letters goes on to say that .com domains are only for profit making companies and since Amazon has been so far bleeding money, they will henceforth be offered only .org domain. Geez ! The letter turned out to be so prophetical because today I read in the papers that once again Amazon has incurred loss this quarter despite spurt in revenues !! Somethings, I just don’t get ‘em.

When I read this story about farmers carrying firearms to protect their pumpkin farms from pumpkin stealers during haloween, it reminded me so much of my village in Pondicherry. We have sugarcane fields (still continue to ) and during the Pongal (sankrati ) time in mid january, we have to field our workers, most armed with sticks, to dissuade people from entering our fields and stealing sugarcanes. As a goodwill measure, we do give away sugarcanes to those who come and request us directly but are pretty strict with those who try to sneak in.

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