Kiruba is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, podcaster and a farmer.

Aerobics classes started in office from yesterday. It’s been an initiative of ‘Fundoos’, a small group that I belong to, which initiates such employee-friendly activities. Finally we can shirk away the rustiness of sitting in front of PCs the whole day.

Suman is currently writing his second novel. From what I read of his first novel, ‘Sunnu’ , I found it a bit like a cross between Ruskini Bond’s and R.K.Narayan’s. Suman’s been trying real hard to find a publisher to take his work to print. I personally think he’s got good talent. If you guys have a contact which would be helpful to Suman, do please let him know.

Blog Jargons that I’ve picked up today.

Klogger : A person who blogs on Knowledge Management.

Comment Spammer : A person who leaves a comment which is totally irrelevant to the current discussion in the hope that people will visit his blog.

Slashdotted : When your blog gets truckload of visitors because it has been mentioned in Slashdot.

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