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Google Cooking : Heard from Judy Hourihan – “Recently I’ve become a Google cook. What I mean is, shortly before supper time I look around for some combination of foods I’ve got on hand and which seem like they might go together. Then I ‘google’ them and browse through the results until I find a recipe that appeals to me.”

The Intel Competitor AMD Reality Check is a pretty kewl cross country tour in the US to show off the performance of AMD’s Athlon processor. What’s cool about it is that they have cleverly mixed product talk with interesting games and contests. One such is the ‘Battle of the Boxes‘, a computer assembling competition. Guessing from photos of last year’s show, it looks like its pretty popular with the people.

Spider-Man LIVE is an all-live 90 minutes stunt spectacular telling the story of your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. The show employs live actors, elaborate special effects and exciting stunts and is currently making the tour in 40 US cities.

101 things that the Mozilla browser can do that IE cannot : Here’s the full article. Some of the stuff I found interesting…..

   #1 – Tabbed Browsing – so you don’t have to open multiple windows

   #2 – Popup blocking – Do i see you smile ?

   #8 – Can zoom any text, even that with fixed pixel sizes

   #34 – Can fill in complete forms automatically : Similar to Amazon’s one click shopping.

   #39 – View selection source : A gift to code snatchers

   and the coolest is #101 – Giant lizards are cool !! – Much more interesting than a blue ‘e’ !

Clean Hands Campaign : Don’t get caught Dirty Handed. When I read this, I thought this was a campaign for transparency amongst politicians. No, it wasn’t this. Washup.org, is a site that helps campaign to wash your hands cleanly. “At least one third of Americans appear to have forgotten the single best piece of infection control advice Mom ever gave them ? always wash your hands after you go to the bathroom.” Imagine the Indian scenario !!!

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