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Kiruba Shankar

What’s wrong if a guy sits brooding over a chessboard ? Nothing. But the trouble starts when the guy is dead, his skin completely peeled, and part of his skull removed to show his brains. An interesting exhibition indeed. ( via Navneet )

Added Bloglet on the right nav. It’s a small app which allow people to subscribe to your content. They read your writings in their email without the need to visit your website. It’s ok for online mags…don’t see too much use for personal sites like mine. Infact don’t see *any* use at all. Would be surprised if anybody subscribed to it. So, why did I add ? ‘Coz, it sorta looked kewl. And I liked Monsur‘s work.

My daughter’s measles is almost cured. I’m relieved. So is everyone at home. Folks at home were taking extraordinary measures. Some steeped in traditional superstitions. We could not sleep on beds. So the mattresses had to be removed. Anyone entering our house had to first wash their feet. After entering, they are springled with turmeric water to ward off evil spirits. There was complete ban on any frying in kitchen. This meant no use of oil and eveyone survived on a staple of curd rice. Krithya’s uncles (ie, my wife’s brothers) were barred from coming and seeing my daughter, presumably because the measles wouldn’t get cured. Neem leaves are kept underneath my daugter’s bed and pillows. My parents wanted to play it absolutely safe. I know these are superstitions but I wouldn’t object to any of these. Afterall, all well that ends well.

It wasn’t just the red lights that stopped traffic at the traffic junction. It’ this cute little car called “Reva” . I knew this indigenously bangalore built electric car is small….. but didn’t know it was T-H-I-S small. Geez ! The guy driving this car sure must’ve felt like a celebrity with so many people ogling ! The traffic constable himself went over to the car to inspect it in close quarters. Man, it sure created a buzz !

A small milestone for this site. Crossed the 1000 page views mark yesterday. Think I’m yapping ? Here’s proof. For those of you looking for an invisible counter minus any ads, I’d strongly recommend GeoCounter.