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Kiruba Shankar

A small milestone for this site. Crossed the 1000 page views mark yesterday. Think I’m yapping ? Here’s proof. For those of you looking for an invisible counter minus any ads, I’d strongly recommend GeoCounter.

In these times of economy downturn, job cuts and downsizings, it was nice to see three requests from friends asking for references to fill in vacancies for their companies. It feels good to recommend someone and see him get this job. The joy on the candidate’s face and his heartfelt Thankyou’s really makes your day.

The recent Fiat Palio advt R-O-C-K-S !! It’s the one with Schumy getting the raw end when he drives into a Shell petrol fuel station. What caught my fancy was the Maharastra registration plate on the Palio. It almost seems like the ad has been shot for the Indian market. Really smart advertising. This ad zooms to the top of my fave ads list.

GoogleWhacking seem to be the latest buzz for the elite netizens. I’m just warming up to this. For those of you, scratching your head like I did, here’s the explanation… you need to type in two words (with no quotes ) into the google search box and get only one result. If you’ve done it , then you’ve hit bullseye or in the right parlance, you will now be a certified Googlewhacker . For example, Deepak and Monica googlewhacked with whacks like ‘benevolent embrangle‘, ‘ecclesiological penknife‘ and ‘embroglio maverick‘ . So what are you gonna whack today ?

It’s no wonder that people perceive sportsmen as heroes. I’m impressed with the resilience of Nathan Astle, Michael Schumacher and Montoya. Astle’s single handled swashbulking knock against England, Schumy’s & Montoya’s unbelievable climb to the podium after trailing last in the race in the Malaysian Grand Prix is amazingly inspiring.