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Dump all the pro hit stat programs. Give boot to Superstats, WebTrends, HitBox and their other expensive brethren. Say hello to GeoCounter , a superb histats program written by Temuri Imnaishvili , a s/w guy from Tbilisi who runs a webdesign and hosting company called Domino. I was hunting high and low for a free hit stats program but the free came with strings attached… either a limited 30 day version or annoying banners. And then I luckily stumbled upon this great service. Way to go Tem. I give a two thumbs up.

Today, I got inducted into the prestigious “Macromedia User Group Advisory Board” for the second consecutive year. To be selected from over 300 international user group managers, gives me a feeling of awe. It’s great to know that your opinions are valued and that you can contribute to the worldwide Macromedia community.

Damn ! I wanted to complete this site before Macromedia sent an email to all the international user groups about me and this website. This site is still incomplete ….. Perfect ! Now the world can know what a lazy person I am !! ( Grrrr ! )

Hurray ! My team has entered the finals of M&B rowing regatta in the Pairs category. Tomorrow will be the all-important Mixed-Fours race against Ogilvy & Mather. They beat our other team and now we are seething with revenge. We G O T T O beat them tomorrow.

I got this pretty interesting email forward today about doable New Year Resolutions. I liked them so much that I had to put them up here. Check it out ……here goes …..

Admit it! We love to bitch about how terrible India is. How terrible our economy is. How we’ll never be able to clean up the gross pollution….. The bitter fact is that we’re always waiting for someone to begin a ‘MASS MOVEMENT’ that would ‘CHANGE INDIA’S ECONOMY, CLEAN UP OUR STREETS AND ERADICATE POVERTY – OVERNIGHT’. Wake up people! That’s never gonna happen.

Forget the MASS MOVEMENT. Why don’t we start a small, tiny, microscopic movement? Just YOU, ME and OUR FRIENDS. Let’s get together and make four small NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS that we WON’T break.

1. LET’S RESOLVE NOT TO BARGAIN:Don’t we all love to bargain with our local vendor. Cut him/her down a rupee or two? Would we ever try this at a Shopping Mall like Food World? Or at a

Raymonds/Garden showroom? They’re the ones that rip us off BIG TIME! The few extra rupees our local vendor makes off us would go a long way to improve his/her life. That’s where our economic growth begins.

2. LET’S RESOLVE TO PAY OUR LABOURERS A LITTLE MORE:Pretty much the same thing. Quite often we are Paisa wise and Rupee foolish. Paying our servant/dhobi/sewage cleaner a few rupees more will go a long way in ensuring that the so-called ‘lower strata’ of India is given more purchasing power. That is definitely the first step in building up our

economy. It won’t blow a hole in our pockets – trust me.


Of course you’re gonna say that you’re already doing that. Well, think about the many times you’ve tossed a scrap of paper onto the road murmering to yourself, “er..no..dustbin in sight..”. Think about the times you tossed a paper/plastic cup out of your car/a bus/a train thinking that one tiny scrap won’t make too much of a difference. Now think about two million people doing the same thing!! It’s a fact that we don’t have enough dustbins in public places. But would it hurt to carry your litter to the nearest dustbin? I’ve done it and it hasn’t hurt one bit.

4. LET’S RESOLVE NOT TO SPIT IN PUBLIC:Sometimes I think this is India’s national sport! Paan, phlegm, just about anything…PTHEW! Onto the street. On the wall. On the door. On the train. In the bus… In fact I had the misfortune of finding myself behind a brand new Mercedes at a signal. Click! The door opened and a cool looking dude popped his head out and spat his true colours onto the road!! Man! Let’s just try and contain it till we reach a wash basin, or find a tissue that would help us dispose of it. I bet we as a Nation will save tons of money on whitewashing alone if this can be done.

This isn’t a big SAVE INDIA MOVEMENT. It’s a ‘LET’S GET REAL’ movement. Follow these four resolutions to start with, pass it on to your friends and I bet that by the end of this year the change will be evident.

If you’re convinced, pass this on to your friends with a personal note. You won’t get bad luck if you don’t, you won’t get a lucky phone call within 5 minutes if you do, but you’ll definitely make a change.


The sun forgot to rise today morning…. at least that’s what me and my wife thought when we stepped out of our house . It usually is bright and sunny by 6:00 a.m but today, it was still dark with no sign of day break. We check our watch to make sure we haven’t got up one hour early …..no, our watches showed the right time. A little intriqued, I started off to the boat club. Along the way I was questioning myself about this strange phenomenon…. and the answer came in a minute later …. a sudden downpour happened … so sudden that by the time I could park my scooter and scurry for shelter, i was half drenched. That’s when I looked up to see the heavily overcast sky …. Ahh! now that explains the mysterious darkeness !

Sometimes things happen best when they’re done impromptu. Last evening, I got an SOS call from the Program Director of AdClub chennai to take a lecture for his students. Apparently the designated speaker had ditched in the last minute and I was looked up as the best stand by plug in. Oh well, normally I would’ve refused but I understood the situation the Director was in. Anyways, I did make it to the class on time and I was pretty satisfied with how the class progressed, considering there was almost zero preparation.

It’s been Sify’s day at the Rowing regatta championship. My pairs race against Ogilvy & Mather (O&M) was a thriller till the finish. Myself and my teammate Wasim must’ve produced a bucketful of lactic acid each…. our legs and hands were packed badly. With the toughest race over, we can look forward to the next two easier races. Tomorrow, O&M will have a chance to take revenge… we meet again in the Fours competiton. Should be fun.

Hey guys, here’s a good chance to get yourself a beautiful 2002 New year calendar. Just fill in a form at http://www.khel.com/calregister.asp and you’ll get this beauty by snail mail. If I were you, I’d be logging in right away !

Today is the first day of the Regatta Rowing Championship. We creamed Parrys team but the tougher draws are to follow. The result of two months of hard practice will be decided in the next four days. Its good to see teams putting their heads together discussing strategies for the races. But what takes the cake is the spirit of camaraderie amongst the competing teams. Inspite of cut-throat competition, participants always appreciate the other team’s efforts …..cheer other team’s victory, fetch water bottles for them, lend others thier dog collars. The spirit of the Merchants & Bankers Regatta is truly alive and kicking.

Yesterday, I accompanied Jean Jacques,CEO of JurisAsia to Pondicherry. Its interesting to see a frenchman’s opinion of my hometown. He was so thrilled to see streets named in french and cops wearing those long red french hats, apparently the same that cops in France wear. We drove down to Auroville…. no matter how many times I visit this place, it always catches my fancy. This is definitely the place i want to spend my retired life.

Bhupathi and Paes DID it. They won the TATA open ATP tournament. Looks like all my shouting and hollering helped them. Way to go. You guys will have to manage without me at Melbourne though !!

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