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Time for a change for my personal email id . ( Read in a boxing ring announcer tone ..) Ladies and Gentlemen…., introducing Kribs@KirubaShankar.com ( drums rolling ) . Yes, its long and confusing….but we’ll get used to it in the long run. Besides, why would i want to promote a yahoo or a hotmail !

I’ve received my train tickets ( A/C berth ! ) for my Madurai trip. Didn’t know Madurai Kamaraj Univ was flush with funds ! Leaving tomorrow night. Must remember not to soak into the luxury and oversleep. Otherwise, I’ll end up landing in Tirunelveli.

Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias together in a music video ! Mmm…interesting news making pairing. Certainly much better than her cameo with Jim Carrey in Me,Myself and Irene.

Sigh ! My for the iPaq H3650 . Deeper Sigh !

Here is Krithya, my five month old daughter’s first tryst with the computer. My wife had kept her on her lap while working on our home computer and Krithya decided to join in with her contribution. She not only used both her hands but also her legs as well !!! Here is what she typed …

ro9jd,zx dnvx m h’ ccccccccccccccccccccc v c sgx

Today I went over to a saloon to have a haircut. I used to frequent this saloon quite sometime back until I shifted my allegiance to a posher, air-conditioned, stereo music-ed saloon. Today, something made me go back to the old place. The owner, an old man in his late 60’s, bespectacled and wearing a white starched dhothy & shirt welcomed me with a warm smile. He motioned me over to the chair. I was his first customer of the day. After touching the top of my head , and then his scissors & comb with his palm, he turned to the photos of Deities he had framed and prayed. It was a nice feeling that I’m his “bhonie”, the start of his earnings for the day. As he began to proceed with his job, I turned around and was about to tell him what kind of style I wanted. No sooner had I started, he began to say , ” Yes sir, I know…. you don’t want too short a cut near the top of your head. I know your hair is thick and it might stand up like procupine needles. But you want your hair shortend at rear and you always buy new blade and give me.” Geez, I thought. A lump almost formed in my throat. It’s almost seven months since I came here and this elderly man remembers everything. I felt guilty for not coming here earlier. No amount of A/C, cushioned chairs or stereo music can match the kindness and homeliness of this elderly man. He just earned a customer for life.

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