I'm a Social Media Entrepreneur, Professor of Digital Marketing, Author of 5 books, Podcaster and an Organic Farmer.



I didn’t realise there were so many animal activists in my office until I didn’t change the water in my fish bowl for a couple of days.( Yeah, I have two beautiful gold fishes, named Igloo and Pigloo, in a cute fish bowl right next to my comp ! ) Many would walk to my table, look at the sligtly murky water, and start off on a sermon on how to treat animals properly. They would make Maneka Gandhi proud !!

Tomorrow I’m giving a valedictory talk at Vel engineering college’s Syscom 2002. There seems to be a plethora of technical symposiums sprouting around. Any college worth its salt seems to be trying to outdo its competitiors in organising these tech festivals. The good point is that most of these shows are completely planned and organised by the students, right from brochure printing, sponsorship seeking to conduting of programs. In my opinion, this not only increases their industry relationship but also improves their management skills… so much useful in corporate life.

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