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Quite a few of my colleagues having started using the Opera browser……and they seem to be happy with it. I checked it out on my colleagues’ PC and should it’s good. At the status bar below, one can quickly find out the total file size of the page and also the total number of images in the page. ( both useful in usability testing. ) I’m getting a trifle disillusioned with Internet Explorer with its bugging “You’ve performed an illegal operation” warnings and I’m thinking of shifting my allegiance to Opera. I usually abhor banner ads, but I’m willing to oversee this on the opera nav bar. I can live with innocous banners but can’t deal with frequent shutting down of my browser windows..

The ‘Twin Towers of Light’ is a truly wonderful way to pay tribute. I was startled to see the power of the light beams used here. The picture here shows the towering light beams dwarf the New York skyscrapers. Amazing. Only CNN can come up with a wonderful graphic describing the structure of the light beams. In this story here, be careful to click on the link called “Graphic” right below the third paragraph.

If you like Kylie Minogue’s “Can’t get you out of my head” dance beat single, then you will certainly dig her screen saver. Really Kewl one. Her official site is one of the better maintained celebrity sites on the Net. She even has her own blog.

OK, here’s an official response from Macromedia about what MX stands for. Here is their explanation…..

MX is a name and not an acronym (and thus the info below is what MX means). ‘MX’ means a new, tightly integrated family of products designed to enable the creation of more intuitive and responsive rich Internet content and applications. Macromedia Flash MX is the first product in this new family.

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