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Tomorrow I’m giving a valedictory talk at Vel engineering college’s Syscom 2002. There seems to be a plethora of technical symposiums sprouting around. Any college worth its salt seems to be trying to outdo its competitiors in organising these tech festivals. The good point is that most of these shows are completely planned and organised by the students, right from brochure printing, sponsorship seeking to conduting of programs. In my opinion, this not only increases their industry relationship but also improves their management skills… so much useful in corporate life.

This ICICI bank is beginning to get on my nerves. Not only have they overcharged my credit card by Rs.13,000 , they have the freakin’ nerve to ask me to come on a sunday afternoon to their bank to give a letter of complaint in person. This, in addition to the plethora of complaints I made over phone calls. And it has taken them over seven months to find a solution to this. Meanwhile, these buggers continue to charge me interest for the amount I haven’t spent. When I escalated this issue to the legal advisor of ICICI, he recommends that I write the “meanest and nastiest worded letter” to the bank manager. He says kind words of request won’t work in this bank. Apparently only after this stinker letter, will the case fall under his control and he can take charge… geez ! what a bunch of blokes !! This bank *sucks* big time.

The postal price increase didn’t even create a lil’ twitch. With email becoming the default communication tool, postal dept doesn’t figure in my life. Frankly, I didn’t even know how much an inland letter ( or “england letter” as people in my village call it !! ) cost. The last I remember, it used to cost 75 paisa. Now I find that it costs Rs.2.50. An envelope, which we stick one rupee stamp now requires five of them . Wow ! Talk of inflation. But one thing that saddens me is when i think of the beloved lovable postmen. I had lived my entire childhood with anticipated waits for the affable postmen to bring letters or parcels. But with the onslaught of technology, people shifting from traditional postal system to emails is inevitable. I’m worried about their jobs.

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