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Had two back-to-back late night parties. End result : Puffed reddish eyes, groggy head, semi-permanently ruffled hair, and vague memory of bitchings,jokes and office gossips. Yeah…. the parties rocked !

Caught “Out-of-Towners” on HBO. This movie was so good that it kept me awake even at 4:00 a.m ( Yeah… A.M !! ) after all that party zonkiness. Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn were fantastic in this movie about a couple’s adventures ( read misfortunes ) during their jobhunt in New York City. Rudy Guiliani does a cameo as himself ( NYC Mayor ) in the movie. Don’t miss it.

Mmmm…ever notice the inconspicous but useful change in your Yahoo! mail ? Well, next time take a closer look. Yahoo! has implemented the long awaited “Replied” symbol to tell you that you have sent a reply to that mail. It’s gone one step further than others by offering what it calls a “Flag” which you can mark important mails that warrant’s your special attention or to guard it from accidental deletion. The end result is that I’m impressed and my admiration for Yahoo! continues to grow.


Can’t seem to understand the funda behind all these red swooshes! What good is a corporate logo if they don’t have a distinct identity… looks to me more like corporate plagiarisation !!

I can’t understand the hoopla surrounding Segway. (It ranked as the most desired Christmas present.) Last year, it was the scooter that held the reigns during the dotcom heydays. During my New York trip last year, I forked out $20 for a scooter and that’s probably the last time I touched it. It’s lying cobwebbed at my house. Now what use could a spruced up , over-hyped, $1000 scooter be ?! Beats me.

I once gave a lecture to members of New Media Forum on Usability of websites. To illustrate the need for quick download of websites, I gave them this small exercise. I told them to take a deep breath when they type their website name and type enter. They are to let their breath out only after the page completely downloads. The more time the page takes to download, the more uncomfortable the members would become. ( possibly some with faces turning red and eyes nearly popping out ! ). That’s exactly how a visitor to your website would feel. Everybody appreciated this example.

But the sad part is if I had tried the same exercise with this website, I would have croaked by now ! Geez ! it took more than a minute just for this homepage to download. More than 10 times the preferred time limit. Damned f*^%&ing tables… they take ages to render. This needs a serious redesign.

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