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Kiruba Shankar

There’s something wrong with the Yahoo! Messenger. I’m never able to log on in the mornings …..and even if I do miraculously log it, I get logged out pretty soon. It only stabilises later in the afternoon. Wonder what the problem is ?! I have a feeling that the Yahoo! India office would not have stacked enough servers to deal with the load.

My intuition : Today is going to be a very busy day at office. Am getting mentally prepared for the work load.

I’m compiling a complete list of blogs and personal websites run by Indians. If you have a personal website or know any friends who do ,would appreciate if you can add it to the comment below or send me the URL to kribs@kirubashankar.com . The blogs or individual sites can be run by Indians living in India or abroad. Thanks in advance 🙂

Today, my daughter got Measles. I was kinda worried at first, ‘coz she is just 6 months old….but thankfully I hear that measles are common occurings and they usually go away in a week’s time. I got a lot of good information from this article from Kidshealth.org.