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Blogtrack.com is a site which aims to help you keep track of your frequently visited blogs. A sort of “Remote control meets the Internet” type . I wanted to do a test run and added four blogs including mine. Initially, it said none of the blogs are updated… which is correct. Then I updated my site with a comment. Now I relogged inside blogtrack.com and funnily enough, it gave me diametrically opposite results. It showd my blogs as “Not Updated” while it showed the rest three as “Updated”. Mmmm…there’s obviously a bug. Nevertheless, I’m all praise for Jevon who conceptualised and built Blogtrack.com. Afterall, it’s a one man job and that too it’s not his main job. Hope the bugs get ironed out and blogtrack.com hits big time.

Email.com has come out with a smart way of using pop up ads. They realised that when a pop up ad is served when the user signs in, his interest is more on seeing his new mails than on the pop up ad. Most times, he simply closes the popups. Now programmers email.com have worked out a better strategy. When the user selects a few email to delete, then a pop up ad throws up. Nice idea, ‘coz the user anyway waits doing nothing while the mails are getting deleted. At this time, the user pays atleast some attention to this pop up. Wise thinking, I’d say.

How would you feel if a reputed hotel cheated you ? Hear the story and decide for yourself. It’s my friend’s birthday and he had invited a whole bunch of us for a birthday treat. We called up Mowbary’s Inn, a supposedly decent hotel, for rates and the person at the desk informed us that its Rs.110 per person. We finalised this place and all of us landed here for the birthday celebration. The food felt like crap, more like afternoon leftovers. The service even worse. Nevertheless we didn’t mind these too much …afterall what really mattered was the occasion and the togetherness with friends. But what was the final straw was the bill. It was a bloater… much above our calculations. We figured it could be a typo and called the waiter. He, as rude as ever, mentioned that the rate is Rs.167 per person and that “we were supposed to know“. We told him about our telephonic talk earlier. Then he says that only lunch buffet is Rs.110 and the dinner buffet ( which is more like leftovers) is Rs.167 . How the hell are we supposed to know this? By ESP ? There’s not even a single sign board around. We could have easily created a commotion and sternly refused to pay the over-charge. But we wanted to keep our decency. We paid up the extra charge by credit card. Its funny that the hotel spends so much money on advertising and brand building and they screw up in customer satisfaction.Now to my first question. How would you feel if the hotel had cheated you ?!

I’ve heard of ‘computer virus’ mail alerts. But today morning, a Cell Phone Virus warning landed on my mail. Not just from one person but from five well meaning friends. Sure enough, it was sent with good intention but I wish they check the veracity before being instruments of hoax . Here’s the virus message (in italics ) and my views on them .


For starters, Cell phones are not computers. They don’t have executable file storage not is there an I/O system.

All mobile phone in DIGITAL system can be infected by this virus. If you receive a phone call and your phone display “UNAVAILABLE” on the screen, DON’T ANSWER THE CALL!!! END THE CALL IMMEDIATELY!!! BECAUSE IF YOU ANSWER THE CALL, YOUR PHONE WILL BE INFECTED BY THIS VIRUS.

Hey cut the crap buzzo . You are more likey to infect your mobile phone if you sneeze on it !!!

This virus will erase all IMIE and IMSI information from both your phone and your SIM card. You will have to buy a new phone.

If you can’t convince , confuse. Nice use of jargons, abbreviations and tech lingo. Bound to scare any newbie . Good try.

This information has been confirmed by both Motorola and Nokia!!! For more information, please visit Motorola or Nokia web sites: http://www.mot.com or http://www.nokia.com.

Oh really ?! Where in these sites is this mentioned ? Just by mentioning the sites, the hoaxsters try to create a sense of authencity .

Guys, don’t be suckers believing such stupid hoaxes. Or worse, don’t forward them blindly. Now to wrap this up, there is no refridgerator virus, TV virus, Microwave virus, bread toaster virus…… !!!!

I’m ashamed of our decision makers. Especially some pea-brained dimwits who occupy high posts at the Mumbai High Court. These guys are about to come out with a rule which would have the Net Browsing centre owners keep a track of what sites we visit. I mean, who the f*** do these guys think they are to interfere with our independency and freedom ?! I’m sure these judges must have had their hands twisted by the Shiv Sena fanatics ..! This coverage in Wired is disheartening.

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