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Media houses with a keen interest in Kiruba’s initiatives have welcomed press releases. Such press releases detail activities and projects that Kiruba undertakes. Here is a collection of Press Releases by Kiruba. Read More


Many well known newspapers and magazines have published reports of Kiruba’s activities and initiatives. Kiruba’s beliefs and principles that helped him climb the success ladder too have been mentioned. Here is the collection of Kiruba’s news appearances. Read More

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Town and country life up close

Today’s Deccan Chronicle newspaper carried a full page story on our farm and the activities that happens there. The online link to the story is here

21 Nov 13

Another slice-of-life moment for pondy

After sharing the wonderful video about Pondicherry yesterday (, a journalist called up to ask why I loved it so much. Here are my answers in today’s DC along with views from fellow Pondicherrian Sankaranand Balaradjou. ——————————- A five-minute video documentary on the city and its lifestyle titled, When you’re in Puducherry, is going viral on YouTube Photographs were, for the longest of time, a…

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17 Jul 13

Got featured in today’s front page of Deccan Chronicle
Got featured in today’s front page of Deccan Chronicle

Got featured in today’s front page of Deccan Chronicle’s supplement. This was an emotional moment for me. The last time I was on the same front page was in a very negative story around TEDx. Proves that life will have its ups and downs and we need to take both in our stride.The online link to the story in high resolution is here

04 Jul 13

My Views on Violence Against Women and Possible Counter-Measures.

When a senior editor of Deccan Chronicle reached out to me to express my thoughts on the recent spurt of violence against women, it got me thinking. What if that girl had been my own sister? How would I then react? I locked myself in my room and started to jot down my thoughts. I had a stiff deadline to meet as well. I had…

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20 Dec 12

Debate on Pudhiya Thalaimurai TV

Photo from yesterday’s debate on Pudhiya Thalaimurai TV. The debate was on Cyber Bullying and how one needs to tackle sensitive issues on social media. My stand was that Social Media platforms are meant to express our individual opinion, even if it is critical. When we go public, there will always be people who may not like what we say. This is where we need…

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24 Oct 12