Back up your mobile phone numbers online

Have you ever lost your mobile phone? Has your mobile phone ever conked out on you? Have you ever dumped your old phone to buy a newer model? Then you will appreciate this article.

I’ve lost my mobile phone twice in my life and both the times I banged my head on the wall with frustration because I lost all my contact numbers. These were valuable contact members of my business associates, clients and friends. Sure, losing a phone hurts in the terms of monetary value but it hurts even more when you lost the contact numbers. Does this sound familiar?

Just like PC backups, most of us generally don’t back up our phone numbers until we realise it’s too late. The reason? Most don’t know how to do it. It’s sheer ignorance. For others, ‘it’s too technical.’

We now have a simple solution on hand. Enter, the easy to use mobile phone back up service. And what’s more, it backs up all your contact data on the web. So just like your email, you can access all your numbers anywhere in the world and anytime on the move. Well for guys like me, that saves some head banging.

The beauty of Zyb is that, not only does it backup, it also syncs your phone contacts easily. You can now enter the details on the web and then sync it to the phone and vice versa.

This service will especially be useful if you buy a new phone. You can seamlessly transfer all you contacts to the new phone. Gone are those days where you had to enter manually or do transferring of numbers through SIM cards and Bluetooth.

Zyb supports over 200 models of mobile phones and most phones available in India are compatible. Bad news for Blackberry users, thought. I have a Nokia N82 and syncing up was a breeze and it took less than five minutes for me to set everything up and running.

Having all your contacts online also brings about the question of security. Imagine a marketer’s dream of having everyone’s personal contacts at disposal. My suggestion? If you can trust your confidential email with Google, you should be ok with trusting Zyb with your phone numbers., a startup by Denmark software professionals, was so impressive that Vodafone recently paid Rs 206 crores to buy the company.

Get started with, a completely free service. You’ll never have to worry about losing your contact numbers ever.

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