Whither press freedom: Scribes

Chennai: The US consulate in the city organised a discussion on Friday on the social media’s impact on traditional media, marking world press freedom day, but journalist unions and organisations in the city failed to observe the day and said hardly any press freedom was available for scribes to celebrate the day.

Madras Reporters Gui­­ld president R. Rangaraj wondered about the freedom of press. “Where is the freedom of press?” he asked. Expressing similar thoughts, Madras Union of Journalists president R. Mohan said media should be more independent.

The journalists’ body in the city, however did not hold any event to mark the day Earlier in the day, at the US consulate, discussions involved the participation of social media experts who conversed over the risk the three traditional me­dias (print, television, and radio) will confront due to the dominant social media of the present day.

Will social media overtake traditional media as the dominant news source?  What factors will im­pact social media’s pre­va­lence as the dominant news source – will it be infrastructure, youth, or other reasons, were the queries raised and discussed by panelists Chennai press attache d Heera Kaur Kam­­boj of US Cons­ulate, Sorav Jain, thinker in chief of ec­ho VME, and Kiruba Sha­nkar, CEO of Business Blogging.

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