Why I like… Anjaadhae

The film I like is Anjaadhae. That’s the one film I stayed glued to, throughout. Seriously speaking, it is the movie I like after Kakka Kakka.

My interest doubled after I got to meet Mysskin personally. He was part of a celebrity conference we had in Goa. There’s so much that went into that movie. Simple things like the casting… the guy he cast as Kuruvi was a visitor to his office, Mysskin convinced him to act and he got frightened and ran away halfway into the shoot. He had to be traced and brought back. He explained why police go to the extent they do in the movie to make encounters look believable. So after that, I watched it all over again. It’s one of the very few movies I have seen twice. I can’t remember too many movies that I have actually seen twice.

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