GB Prabhat helped net in $200 million in revenue when he decided to quit Satyam Computer Services, one of India’s largest software companies. Prabhat left his cushy job to found a startup called Anantara Solutions which received investments of $6.5 million from Helion Venture Partners, Walden International Silicon Valley Bank.

His new company focuses on Second Generation Outsourcing (SGO), a business paradigm that “radically improves first generation outsourcing which is predicated primarily on cost arbitrage.”

Prabhat says “By pioneering SGO, we at Anantara Solutions are reinventing the offshore delivery model combining the efficiencies of a top-notch consulting firm and a high quality offshore delivery firm.

In 1995, he co-founded Satyam Renaissance Consulting, a then subsidiary of Satyam Computer Services. Prabhat believed strongly that, much as IT services work was beginning to be offshored, all manner of consulting services could be delivered using the onsite-offshore model with India as the hub of such services.

Prabhat is also a writer of fiction. His first novel, Chains, was published in November 2000 to critical acclaim and his second novel, Eimona, was published in 2006.


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