22 Aug 2007

Indiaplaza’s Vaitheeswaran on e-Commerce Challenges in India

K Vaitheeswaran is currently the chief operating officer of Indiaplaza, the world’s largest India-centric e-commerce company with operations in Bangalore, Chennai and Austin, Texas.

K Vaitheeswaran is a co-founder of, the company that pioneered the Indian E-commerce Industry. Since September 1999, he spent all his time and efforts in not only building into a position of industry leadership but has also been engaged in evangelizing the cause of E-commerce in India.

In November 2006, The Pitch magazine listed him among the Top 20 people in the Indian Internet industry.

He also co-founded the Fabmall chain of grocery stores, which has become one of the leading brands in the Indian organized retail industry.

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09 Aug 2007

Sameer, Co-founder of Zook, on Challenges of Mobile Search

Sameer Sisodia is a cofounder of Ziva Software, the makers of Zook, a mobile search service. Its an interesting company that is incubated at the prestigious Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.

Ziva Software has built the world’s first Mobile Social Answer Engine. The mobile answer engine delivers precise answers to users’ questions and helps users find the desired information with the least number of interactions. It’s inbuilt mobile-specific social networking system helps users to tap into the information and knowledge possessed by
their friends. Ability to find both on-web and off-web content in an intuitive and interactive manner provides a rich and satisfying experience to end-users.

Ziva’s platform powers some of the biggest local directory search names in India – JustDial, InfoMedia being are some of the customers. Ziva also partners with some of the leading mobile content companies, and other service providers.

Ziva is a VC-backed, professionally-managed, product development company with exclusive focus on mobile-based access, search, and navigation. Ziva Software operates out of the NSR-GIV Center within the prestigious Indian Institute of Management (IIM) at Bangalore.

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09 Aug 2007

Ex-Satyam Director Talks About His Startup Funding Experience

GB Prabhat talks about what made him leave his top position as a Director at Satyam, one of India’s biggest software companies, and take the hard route to entrepreneurship.

This particular edition will be of special interest to both entrepreneurs and to those who aspire to be one.

When he quit Satyam recently, he had helped grow its Enterprise department’s revenues to 200 million US dollars a year.

His new venture, Anantara Solutions, has gotten seed funding of $6.5 million US dollars from Helion Venture Partners, Walden International and Silicon Valley Bank. He talks about his experience in getting funding and also shares his advice to those wanting to jump into the entrepreneurship bandwagon.

Anantara focuses on Second Generation Outsourcing (SGO), a business paradigm that radically improves first generation outsourcing which is predicated primarily on cost arbitrage.

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07 Aug 2007

GB Prabhat, CEO of Anantara Solutions, on Second Generation Outsourcing

GB Prabhat helped net in $200 million in revenue when he decided to quit Satyam Computer Services, one of India’s largest software companies. Prabhat left his cushy job to found a startup called Anantara Solutions which received investments of $6.5 million from Helion Venture Partners, Walden International Silicon Valley Bank.

His new company focuses on Second Generation Outsourcing (SGO), a business paradigm that “radically improves first generation outsourcing which is predicated primarily on cost arbitrage.”

Prabhat says “By pioneering SGO, we at Anantara Solutions are reinventing the offshore delivery model combining the efficiencies of a top-notch consulting firm and a high quality offshore delivery firm.

In 1995, he co-founded Satyam Renaissance Consulting, a then subsidiary of Satyam Computer Services. Prabhat believed strongly that, much as IT services work was beginning to be offshored, all manner of consulting services could be delivered using the onsite-offshore model with India as the hub of such services.

Prabhat is also a writer of fiction. His first novel, Chains, was published in November 2000 to critical acclaim and his second novel, Eimona, was published in 2006.

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07 Aug 2007

Aditya Menon, CTO of Obopay India, on Mobile Payment

Will mobile phones be the future for cash payment? Will mobile payment usher in a cashless society? Are services like Western Union threatened by mobile payment? These are all the questions that Aditya answers in this podcast. Aditya Menon is Chief Information and Technology Officer of Obopay India. He started the US company’s India operations.

Obopay is a comprehensive mobile payment service that lets you instantly get, send and spend money anywhere, anytime using a mobile phone.

He was previously CIO of YES Bank. Prior to this, Aditya was Group CIO at MphasiS.

Aditya has 20 years of experience working in the field of banking software product development. , specially in the payments and cash management domain. He was a pioneer in the field of electronic payments and banking, launching the first PC based high value payments systems in 1986 for global banks like ABN and Standard Chartered Bank.

Let’s listen to Aditya talk about Obopay.

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