03 May 2007

CommuteEasy’s Vipul Kasera, on Online Carpooling

Commute Easy is a pooling initiative whose aim is to connect commuters in Bangalore and Pune who share travelling routes.

This initiative is the brainchild of Vipul Kasera, a software professional working at ThoughtWorks. He is a regular carpooler and having lived in a traffic congested city like Bangalore, he saw the value in carpooling. During such carpooling trips to his office, he would lug his laptop to code a solution and thus was born Commute Easy, out of frustration from traffic jams and desperation for less congestion in Bangalore.

The site currently offers options for carpoolers to connect in Bangalore and Pune. Vipul’s plans is to extend it across to major cities in India soon.

This particular podcast interview was done a few months ago — since then, the site has grown, with a lot of people signing up.

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25 Apr 2007

Sudhir Syal talks about the collaborative book on unconferences

06 Apr 2007

Ravi Kumar on Campus Incubation at IIM Bangalore

Ravi Kumar is a veteran entrepreneur and currently a consultant with The Nadathur S. Raghavan Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning. NSRCEL was set up in March 2002 at the prestigious Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB) to synergise with the institute’s focus on entrepreneurial studies. The Centre defines the opportunities perceived by aspiring entrepreneurs, evaluates their strengths/weaknesses and helps them with resources to translate their concepts into profitable business ventures. NSRCEL’s vision is “To be a world class center of excellence for seeding, nurturing and promoting entrepreneurship with emphasis on startups and existing organizations with growth protential.” In this podcast, Ravi talks about NSRCEL’s activities and about campus incubation.

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04 Apr 2007

Payal Talks about Organizational Stress Management

Organisational and Stress Consulting (OSC) assists organisations and their employees as they seek to increase organisational effectiveness and productivity. How does it do this? By helping them manage their stress and psychosocial hazards like bullying, harassment and violence in the workplace. (It’s no surprise — these things have an adverse impact on individual and organisational health and performance.)

Organisational and Stress Consulting is an evolving company based in Dublin, with an office in Bangalore, India. They offer help in risk management of work-related stress and psychometric testing and assessment.

Payal Shah has a BA in psychology & media studies and a MSc from University of Nottingam, UK.

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18 Dec 2006

PicSquare’s Online Photo Print Business in India

DNA has this to say about Picsquare: “Banking on the sentiments of Indians who hold family albums very dear, two techies, both graduates from IIT Bombay, have launched Picsquare, a website that will print and deliver digital photos posted on it anywhere in the country.”

This Bangalore-based startup is founded by Manish Agrawal, a mechanical engineer, and Kartik Jain, a chemical engineer. Both Agrawal and Jain resigned from corporate jobs to start the venture. They own savings, along with help from a few angel investors, helped get things started. Now, it is being “incubated” by the Bangalore chapter of The Indus Entrepreneurs.

Picsquare was selected from among 10 contestants in the TiE Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program that aims to foster businesses by a creating an ecosystem similar to the one in Silicon Valley.

I got a chance to meet the founders in person in Bangalore. In this interview, they talk about how they got to found the company, their revenue models and their plans for the future. Webyantra also has a review of PicSquare service.

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