How will we know if Kiruba is free for the dates we’ve chosen?

The best way to is to check Kiruba’s speaking calendar.  If there is no date clash, then fill out the speaker request form. It is best to book as far in advance as possible. You should hear back from his team shortly after you submit the form.

 Can we meet with you before we book Kiruba?

Sure, Kiruba would be happy to meet up to discuss about the event and learn about your expectations. This is important. In case, meeting in person is difficult, then we can schedule a telephonic call.

Does Kiruba speak internationally?

Yes, he does.  International speaking events may require visas or other legal paperwork to be completed. Please allow sufficient time to apply for and receive those, and be willing to supply the documentation necessary for the application.

How far in advance do we need to book Kiruba?

The sooner you book him, the more likely it is that he will be able to speak at your event.  We suggest at least a month in advance. An year  in advance is not too much!  If it is short notice, he will do his best to accommodate you, however, please understand that his schedule is often set far in advance.

What happens if there is a cancellation?

If  Kiruba is  unable to speak due to an emergency or illness, he will arrange with you to change the date or find a replacement speaker for you.  Your deposit will be refunded in full if he cancels the speaking engagement.


What topics does Kiruba speak on?

Kiruba speaks  on Social Media,  Personal Branding, Leadership and Motivation. Please see the topics page for detailed information.

What if we want a topic that’s not listed?

Most of the topics can be adapted to suit your theme.  However, if you want something brand new and suited to your group, it is possible.  Kiruba will need more time to prepare, and there may be an additional fee, depending on how intensive the topic is.  This can be discussed.  Please make note of it on the speaker booking form.

How long are the talks?

Kiruba’s talks range from 18 minutes (TED style) to 90 minutes for keynotes.  The timing can be customized.  Workshops can range from 1 hour to 7 hours.

What kind of humor does Kiruba use?

Kiruba uses only clean, non-offensive humor that will never embarrass the audience.


If you have to stay overnight, do we need to book your accommodation?

Yes, please. When Kiruba spends  the night away from home he needs a good place to rest, sleep and prepare.


What are your speaking fees like?

It depends on on the type of talk, the size of your organization, and other details.  When you have submitted the speaker booking form, you will get an email and/or phone call to discuss this.

Why does Kiruba charge?

Thanks for asking!  The short answer is, Kiruba is a professional speaker and he charges for his expertise and time.  Many people see the cost of a one hour session and think that is his hourly rate.  Not so!  For every hour of session, he spends many hours of preparation. There is travel time involved and there’s opportunity cost involved. Besides, speaking is part of his business.

What other expenses can we expect if we hire Kiruba?

All of them are outlined in the contract you will receive upon booking. They include things such as travel, accommodations, food, etc.

But we are an educational instituition and can’t afford to pay!

Kiruba does not charge professional fees to educational institutions for guest lectures. However, he strongly encourages financial contribution to The Watering Hole Foundation, a knowledge based NGO that he runs. Longer workshops require more time and effort on Kiruba’s part and will have a cost attached to it.


How should we get the word out about the event?

We recommend the following ways:

Social Media: Use Facebook, Twitter and Blogs as a way to reach to your audience. Kiruba will spread the word in in his network.

Press Release: A join press release can be made and passed on to the media.  Please see what IIT Madras has done to promote one of Kiruba’s talks.

Poster: Real world publicity still works. A well designed poster placed at the right watering holes is a good way to spread the word and draw in the crowd.

Emailer : A well designed email newsletter sent to the right target audience always works well.

Reminder: A day before the event,  it is always prudent to send a reminder email to all the registered participants. It ensures better turn-out.

Will Kiruba be available for book signings after his talk?

Yes, Kiruba will be happy to stay back to sign books. Organizers can order his books in advance.

Do you have any suggestions for making the event successful?

There are several things you can do to make it more likely to be successful.  Please see the checklist page for suggestions.

What if I have other event-related questions that are not covered here?

No problem. We’ll be happy to assist you with any additional information you might need. Please contact us at your convenience and ask away.