Kiruba Shankar Speaking Introduction

(Ideally the person introducing Kiruba adds a personal anecdote or story about why Kiruba’s talk is important to the group.)

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome and its my privilege to introduce our Keynote speaker.

Kiruba Shankar is the CEO of Business Blogging, a social media consulting firm. He brings in 20 years of work experience in the online medium.

Kiruba is a professor of Digital Marketing and teaches at two leading B-Schools.

He has authored 4 books and has been a technology columnist in leading newspapers and magazines.

He is a professional podcaster and hosts Kiruba.TV where he interviews global achievers.

Interestingly, Kiruba is also a farmer and runs a 12 acre organic farm on the outskirts of Chennai.

Kiruba is a rowing champion and has captained the Sify Rowing Team to four consecutive championship titles, a record in the 144 years history of Madras Boat Club.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please put your hands together for… Mr.KIRUBA SHANKAR !!


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