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Kiruba Shankar

iPhone 5S Vs Nexus 5

I wrote this column in Deccan Chronicle not as a reviewer but as a customer. I’m in the market to buy a new smartphone and as any serious buyer would do, researched hard. I narrowed it down to an iPhone5S and a Nexus 5. This column actually helped me decide which phone to buy.

Making Facebook Posts Attractive

My column in Deccan Chronicle today is based on observation of FB posts that gets higher engagement.

While I recommend shorter posts, ironically, this post is over 300 words!! Anyway, here goes…

Making Facebook Posts Attractive

There are many of us who are constant Facebook users. We have more friends online that we do in real life. As a Social Media consultant, I’m always curious about our behavior online and how people respond. One particular interest is to find out what kind of Facebook posts attracts the most engagement. I’m talking about posts which get the maximum likes, comments and shares. Here my observation and tips.

70% of Content is visual:
Facebook gives very high emphasis for photos and videos. About 70% of content that you see on your timeline are photos and videos. Even if you want to make a textual update, see if you can add a relevant photo to it.

Single Photo is better than albums:
I’ve noticed that a single photo seems to attract better likes and comments rather than an album with multiple photos. If you do have more photos, then make sure to add a description to each photo.

Ideal Post Length:
Facebook posts with about 50 words receive 60% more likes than longer posts. So, make sure to keep them short and to the point.

Use call-to-action words:
When you your post, what action do you want your readers to perform? Words like ‘Click Like’ or ‘Share this story’ gets at least 5 times better results.

Time Your Posts:
The maximum exposure for our post happens in the first one hour. So, its important to time your update. The best time to update is around 9am for businesses. If you are a student, then 8pm works very well.

Tell personal stories:
Write incidents in your life the same way you would narrate it to friends while sitting in a coffee shop. Just be your natural self online and you will do just great.

Do you agree with my points? What other tips would you like to give?

Missed my deadline for Tech Column

Like an idiot, I missed my deadline for my Tech Column in Deccan Chronicle yesterday. (My column appears on alternative Wednesdays.) The editor has been kind enough to slot it for tomorrow. It has my observation on Facebook posts that get higher likes and practical tips to get them.

Domain Name Essentials

My Tech Column in today’s Deccan Chronicle focuses on what happens when you forget to renew your domain names and simple techniques to not make that mistake. Before writing this column, I avoided any embarrassment by renewing my own domain names!

Here is the full text of the article:

Domain Name Essentials
A domain name is an important identity for your business or brand. Forgetting to renew it on time can not only be embarrassing but also expensive. Ask Yatra.com, the travel portal. A simple case of memory-loss cost the company over Rs.20 crore in lost business.

Here are some very useful tips for you to manage your domain name.

1) Take Reminders Seriously: Every domain registrar sends out multiple reminder mails to renew your domain name. Typically 60 days prior to the expiry date. Act immediately on these reminders.

2) Take advantage of the grace period: Just in case, you forget to renew it by the expiry date, don’t sweat. Every domain registrar gives you a grace period of two weeks to one month to help renew your domain name. This is equivalent to the ‘reserve’ option in your motorcycle’s petrol tank.

3) Redemption Fee: If you have been dumb enough to ignore the reminder mails and miss out on the grace period, you get one final chance to regain your domain. But this time, you will be charged a redemption fee of Rs.5000 upwards. Only when you miss all three chances will your domain name be put in the public marketplace for others to book.

4) Auto-Renewal: The best way to avoid all the heart-ache is to choose the auto-renew option. You give the registrar permission to charge your credit card and renew the domain automatically. This is your safest bet.

5) Put all domains in one basket: If you have booked multiple domain names, its wiser to book them all using one domain registrar instead of many different ones. It’s a lot easier to manage your domains.

6) Book for multiple years: The best way is to book your domain for 5 or 10 years at a stretch. Greatly lessens the risk and gives you peace of mind.

My technology column in today’s Deccan Chronicle

My technology column in today’s Deccan Chronicle newspaper focuses on the power of videos. In this column, I have very convincing facts to prove why video content is powerful and cannot be ignored. Do click on the pic. I’ve also added the text version below for easier reading. Co-incidentally, I wrote the first script in my life for a 3 minute video that will be launched today evening.

Here’s the full text.

Here’s a quiz question for you. Google is the World’s largest search engine. Name the second largest? Now, I’ll wait for your answer. Did you say Bing, Yahoo! or the latest DuckDuckGo? Nope, you are wrong. The correct answer is ‘YouTube’. Goes to show you how powerfully important videos are.

That’s not all. Listen to these impressive statistics. More than half of the Internet traffic in the world is in the form of videos. Over 60% of peole prefer watching video rather than reading voluminous text.

Now, imagine what that can do for your business. Having a nicely produced high quality video, goes a long way in not only explaining the product but also encouraging the consumers to buy your product. A research by Bubuox clearly states that product videos increase the chances of online purchase as it gives confidence to the potential buyer.

Want proof? Take Kickstarter.com for example. It’s a platform for people to raise funds for their ideas through a crowdsourcing model. Crowdfunding, if you will. We did an analysis of the 100 most successful campaigns on the platform. We came to a simple conclusion that almost all of them have a short video that clearly communicated their objective and illustrated their goal.

Storytelling is an important business tool. That’s why it’s important for every business to create a compelling story that inspires and encourages people to share it with their friends. Now that everyone is on Facebook or Twitter, it makes it so much easier for others to share and spread your videos creating a butterfly effect.

Videos are lot more difficult to produce than text. It requires professional editors and is definitely more expensive and effort intensive. Yet, videos are very effective and they deliver excellent results. Its time you seriously started looking at video content.

Kiruba Shankar believes in video and hosts a video podcast show at http://Kiruba.TV/