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Kiruba Shankar

More Comic Relief

A few days ago, our coworking office got colourful, thanks to a certain TinTin, Dilbert and Homer Simpson. This was our second installment of comic poster collection.

The entire portrait was created from scratch by our designer, Rajesh. We got it printed at a great place in North Usman Road, T.Nagar called GLO. They have this really fancy machine who’s printing quality that I’m always impressed with. After a week of anxious wait, the poster got framed. Got it done at United Brothers who’s shop is conveniently located close to the printer. Seen here is the person carrying the finished product to my car.

Transported them safely across.

It was past midnight by the time we got down to drilling holes and nailing. Huge dollops of appreciation to the neighbours who understood our need to create a racket at wee hours. We warned them up sufficiently in advance and that helped. We wanted the painting to be done before Jimmy Wales’ visit and the start of Wikipedia Academy.

The Academy in progress and the painting looked real good. Today, I was browsing through the Economic Times in Bangalore and they had a nice colourful picture of the hall with the poster. You should have seen me beam.

Jimmy at our office. Love that dilbert Simpsons picture behind him.

The last two pictures from Jaggy’s collection of photos from Wikipedia Academy.

Collaborative Painting During Wikipedia Academy

On November 22nd, when the Wikipedia Academy takes place at our new coworking office, I’m planning a collaborative painting effort. It’s simple. We’ll have a 10 feet by 8 feet canvas placed on the ground. We’ll have lots of colours and many paint brushes in different sizes. We then let loose our imagination. There are no rules. There is no brief given. Anyone is free to do what he or she wants to do. The results can be quite impressive.

I’ve been thinking of how to include a physical activity that portrays the collaborative effort of Wikipedia and this one fits the bill like a ‘T’. The idea is inspired by a similar effort that was done at the iCommons Summit in Sapporo, Japan. Over 300 folks participated and I remember all of having such fun working on it. Take a look at the eventual painting below.

I’m a newbie to painting. Need to find out what kind of canvas materias, what type of paints and what sizes of brushes. Also need to figure where to buy these materials in Chennai. If any of you have an idea, we’d be very grateful for your advice and suggestions. You can leave them at the comments below or mail me at kiruba at kiruba.com. Thanks in advance.

The New CoWorking Office

Ever since I heard about the coworking concept, I’d been fascinated with it. It’s been one of my dreams to start one in Chennai and to see that day come is extremely satisfying.  For those who don’t know, coworking is a friendly concept of entrepreneurs joins hands and sharing an office space. Here are a few quick snaps of the office.

I love comics. I’ve always enjoyed reading them. I wanted to bring in the same kind of joy and happiness into work as well. So, the comics is a way of reminding ourselves to enjoy our work. Surprisingly, the output comes out a lot better.
We made 12 comic posters.  Dilbert, Peanuts, TinTin, Asterix, Garfield, Calvin and Hobbes. You only see a couple of them here in these pics. Will show the pics of the rest later.  Under production are Simpsons and Beetle Bailey. Each of these were recreated from scratch in photoshop, vectorized, printed and framed.

A nice quiet room. I love the yellow color. Makes the room halcyonic.  I bought that big pot two years ago when I attempted a terrace garden.  Now, it will adorn a nice big indoor plant soon.

That’s the place that I work out of.

Love the game and the focus it brings to it!

What you don’t see right below the basketball hoop is a dust bin. A fun way to dispose that crumpled piece of paper!

My plan is to make the coworking office space a Free Culture House. A place where artists and creative folks get together to collaborate.  And yeah, hoping someone will make better use of the guitar that I bought ages ago. Well, they can start with buying the strings!
Books that, honestly, no one ever reads. It just makes the office seem geeky.

Love this one.

I’m a big Dilbert fan.. incase you haven’t guessed yet!

Folks at my office discussing over a project.

Another table to work out of.  If any of your are travelling into Chennai and want a place to work out of, feel free to ping me. If you are an entrepreneur and tired of working along in your home, try coworking a shot. It’s lot more fun working together with like-minded folks.