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Video Profile of Abhash Kumar, Head of Marketing at FactorDaily

The guy who excelled in telling other’s stories now gets his story told…and how! Excellent video profile of Abhash Kumar, Head of Marketing at FactorDaily and earlier the Head of Digital Marketing and Growth at YourStory. I first met Abhash at the Book Authoring Workshop that I conducted at my farm. I loved his passion for content and importantly building readership. This video also reaffirms my belief in the power of videos in effective storytelling.

This is What Happens When There’s No TV at the Farm.

Our family has a ‘No TV’ pact when we go to the farm. Actually, it’s more like me and my wife made the pact and the kids had to sign up for it! 🙂

Initially, they cribbed. But over time, they find other activities to keep themselves occupied. Here, my elder daughter is seen dusting and rearranging the book shelves.

My younger daughter is seen digging holes for planting the saplings.

Kids helping transfer the saplings from the car.

My wife is busy polishing the wooden pillars.

I consider our family visits to the farm as a time to do different things than we do in the city. It breaks the monotony. While all of these may seem like work, it actually is a good way to unwind.

My Dad, the Counselor!

This is a common scene at our farmhouse. Villagers often come to my Dad (on the right) seeking advice, clarification in legal papers, mediation in family disputes or career counseling for their kids. The stone bench outside is where the discussions happen. 

As a small kid, I distinctly remember my grandfather would play this role with aplomb. Am told my great grandfather played a bigger role in these matters because there was no police station or nearby. 

Rat-proofing the Washing Machine

When you live in a farm, you face interesting challenges. A brand new washing machine got converted into a home for farm rats who thought they were gifted a new apartment!

So, we had to fix a mesh at the bottom of the waiting machine to prevent them from getting in.

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