My most popular course that I teach at universities has been the Digital Marketing Course. Here is a basic outline of the curriculum.

1: Introduction to Digital Marketing: Digital Marketing Strategy – Role of Internet in the traditional
Marketing mix – 5 P’s of Digital Marketing – Six steps in Crafting a successful digital marketing Strategy
– The various tactics in Digital marketing and their corresponding outcomes.

2. Website & Mobile web: Web 2.0
– Content, usability, navigation – Website design – Writing for Copy
writing- SEO Copywriting- Mobile website & Mobile applications development – Crowdsourcing

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Why SEO is important – How do search engines work? –
Keyword selection – On-site optimization Vs Off-site optimization – Directories

4. Online Advertising: Types of Online Ad formats – Payment Models – Advertising networks and
exchanges – Ad servers and tracking – Future of online adverts – Advantages & Disadvantages of Online

5. Social Media Marketing: Consumer generated content – Social Networks & online communities –
Viral marketing – Virtual worlds – blogging –OnlinePR & Online Reputation Management

6. Permission Marketing: Direct Marketing using Email –Mobile Marketing- Newsletters and RSS feeds
– Personalization

7. Affiliate Marketing: – Process of Affiliate Marketing – Merchant promotion by affiliates- Affiliate
Networks – Setting up an affiliate marketing campaign- Pros & Cons of affiliate Marketing

8. Pay-per-Click Advertising: PPC Model – History of PPC- Types of PPC adverts- Planning and
setting up a PPC Campaign- Pros & Cons of PPC Adverts

9. ROI, Metrics, Analytics & Conversion Optimization: ROI, Metrics, Web Analytics, Setting
objectives & KPIs. Conversion Funnel – Metrics & Conversion Optimization

10. Integrating Digital Marketing Campaigns – Integrating digital marketing campaign -Case Studies
of various Digital Marketing Campaigns. Analyse the various Digital Marketing Campaigns for good and
bad practices.