In General

I’ve been invited by the Tamil Nadu Police Training College to present a lecture on “E-Commerce and Payment Methods” to all the DSPs. The TN police have upped their ante against Cyber Crimes after the recent Dr.L.Prakash’s Online Porn Scandal. “But…Why me ?! “, Oh , apparently they wanted someone who could present a de-mystified, jargon free, down-to-earth presentation…. sort of like the Dummies series. It’s part of their three week course on ‘Tackling Cyber Crimes’. The talk is on Jan 29th between 9:30 a.m to 12:45 p.m at the TN Training College at Ashok Nagar (Near Pillar ) .

Mmmm…should remember to pick up a couple of DSP’s names ….. you never know when they’ll come handy !!! 😉