In General

This ICICI bank is beginning to get on my nerves. Not only have they overcharged my credit card by Rs.13,000 , they have the freakin’ nerve to ask me to come on a sunday afternoon to their bank to give a letter of complaint in person. This, in addition to the plethora of complaints I made over phone calls. And it has taken them over seven months to find a solution to this. Meanwhile, these buggers continue to charge me interest for the amount I haven’t spent. When I escalated this issue to the legal advisor of ICICI, he recommends that I write the “meanest and nastiest worded letter” to the bank manager. He says kind words of request won’t work in this bank. Apparently only after this stinker letter, will the case fall under his control and he can take charge… geez ! what a bunch of blokes !! This bank *sucks* big time.