Here are two of my favorite anti-smoking punchlines …. 1) If you think you are a smoker, you are wrong. It’s the cigarette that smokes you. You are just the sucker at the other end. [...]

As I was riding home from home, I was trying to figure out how many bloggers I had met in person. ( as in face to face meeting ) . I could only think of Navneet Potti ( ‘coz he sits right [...]

I Feared a World Cup blackout. All that disappeared when Ten Sports appeared as I was surfing the channels. And just in time to see Senegal score the goal to cream France in the relplay. Mmm..not [...]

About a couple of weeks back at lunch time I had got to taste a fantastic dish “Puttu” which my colleague NandaKumar had broght from home. I liked it so much and as a matter of fact i [...]