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Hey guys, here’s an interesting trivia on Spider-Man. Have you ever wondered why the Spider-Man movie is written as ‘Spider hypen Man’ ? ( notice the hypen between Spider and Man ) When we did the official microsite for Spider-Man we had made the URL as (without the hypen ) . But the Brand Manager of Columbia Tristar insisted that the URL “MUST” be . I thought this was very absurd …i mean, heck, its much easier to type in the URL without the hypen . Finally I got the answer from the very words of STAN LEE, the creator of Spider-Man character ….

” When I dreamed up Spidey, I wanted to be sure his name wouldn’t be confused with another hero named Superman. So I purposely put a hypen between Spider and Man. That made the magazine’s Masthead look totally different from the one featuring that guy from Krypton.”