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Honest Cop : Can one guy change my perception of an entire Tamilnadu Traffic Police ? One cop did exactly that. While travelling in my bike, my wallet fell off and I didn’t realise it . It was only in office I realised I had lost it . I had lots at stake ..

1. Two credit cards

2. ATM card

3. Two cheques worth Rs.8300

4. Satyam I-way card

5. Important business cards

6. Tidel Park and Sify ID cards

7. Last of it is cash Rs.400

This cop , G.Nithyanandham ( Grade-1 PC – 11888 from G-3 Traffic Police ) noticed a cyclist pick up my wallet and chased him and recovered it. He then gets my phone number and calls me but I hadn’t reached my office by then. He then gets hold of my wife’s number and tells her that he has the wallet and that it can be collected from him. Later that evening when i went to meet him, he quickly recognised me ( from the ID card ) and returned the wallet …with everything intact. How many people, leave alone a cop, can match this honesty ? I was so impressed that I plan to personally meet his boss, the Joint Commissioner of Police and hand over a letter of commendation.