In General

Got the DSL Internet connection at home. Phew ! About time. The wait was beginning to get on my nerves. Anyways, after a couple of hours of coping with missing dll files and faulty drivers, the Installation engineer from TouchTel finally got things working. After using the brand new connection for some time, here are my observations.

1) The connection isn’t super fast as I’d thought . It’s just marginally better than VSNL dialup connection.

2) It’s not a “24/7 Always On” connection as I thought it to be. I still need to dial to a particular number to connect. The big difference is it gets connected instantly. And there are no crackling modem sounds.

3) The ADSL modem is only a little bigger than a cigarette box. Makes me wonder why it costs five times the dial up modem’s cost !

4) I thought there’ll be a special wire line drawn for the DSL connection. Again I was wrong. It’s the same old phone line that is used.

5) A splitter is installed which splits the single line into two. One for telephone and the other for Internet. This means that I can receive and make calls on the phone while using the Net.

6) After this splitter is installed, the quality of the phone voice has been affected. Now I’ll have to really speak up to be heard on the other end.

7) Earlier, whenever I switch on the dial up modem, the TV signal gets distorted and gets very grainy. Now thanks to the ADSL modem, the TV signal does not get affected.

8) I’m paying a fixed rate per month. So now, I can browse in peace without having the fear of clocking horrendous telephone bills.

9) Good service from TouchTel. Though I think they overdid it a bit !. First, the sales guy thru whom I bought the connection called me to say I’m getting the connection today. A few minutes later, the Technical manager called up to inform me the same. Then, a person from finance dept called up to say he has received the cheque. This was followed by the Installation engineer who said he is on his way to my home. Soon after the connection was given, I get a call from a Customer service person asking me if everything was fine.