In General

The End of The PopUnder Project : Yup, decided to yank it off. For thos new to the project, click here. No more opening of other blogs in a new window .. all for good reasons.

1) The PopUnder actually became a PopUp. And how we hate popups.

2) The blog site that opened got mistaken for a porno site, hacker site and a X10 minicam ad.

3) The server that hosted Jayant’s blog could not handle the huge traffic that was directed to it ….. 😉

I have no qualms pulling the plug. Even though the appreciations far outweighed the brickbats, I knew I wasn’t having a good feel about this inside me. There surely must be a better way to help each other support our blogs than this method. I’m happy I gave it a shot. Actually having a smut feel of satisfaction. Thanks guys for sticking by. Ironically, my stat server recorded the highest number of page views since its inception. Strange !!