In General

Today afternoon is the Panel Discussion on Blogging. I’ll be sitting on two panels. I’m the moderator for the topic on “Blogs as a Personal Brand Builder” and one of the panelist for “The Practical Uses of Blogs”. Gosh! It’s gonna be interesting. Especially listening to other people’s opinion on blogs. We even have people who don’t believe in the concept of blogs as part of the panel …. and I foresee very critical views and interesting arguements exchanged. It’s gonna be fun!

It’s been an hectic two weeks stragegising, planning, networking and marketing the event! To think this is the first ever event to be in held in India, gives a special sort of pride. I’m particularly proud of my students at the Dept of Electronic Media for their planning and organising capabilities. Their enthusiasm is very contagious.

If you are in chennai, you definitely don’t wanna miss this event. The panel discussion takes place at Muthian Auditorium in Anna University. It starts at 1:30 p.m and would go on till 5:30 p.m. Should you need any assistance in reaching the venue, do not hesitate to call my mobile at 31043895. (if you are calling from a mobile, add 044 to it ).We’ve even organised for a funky quiz on blogging with loads of prizes. Gotto mention about the entrance fees too. For students, it’s Rs.20 and for corporates, it’s Rs.100.

If you are not in chennai, we will keep you updated on how the blog event went. We’ll be taking loads of snaps and video coverage too. Unfortunately, I’d be too busy organising and speaking at the event for me to blog the event live. However, check back tomorrow to get a detailed update.