In General

My Periya Naana (Dad’s elder cousin) turns 60 years today. His “Aruvadham Kalyanam” will be performed today. This is the day when he marries his wife…. for the second time. I don’t know the exact words in english for “Aruvadham Kalyanam”…. it’s the day when the couple celebrate their long years together and re-affirm their faith in each other for the rest of their lives.

I went to the special yagna that was performed yesterday evening at my Periya Naana’s home. There were these five iyers ( priests ) who were chanting mantras pouring ghee into the specially made squarish fireplace, bang in the middle of the hall. I was amazed to hear that the Yagna has been going on from yesterday morning 4:00 in the morning onwards. The house was engulfed in a thick pall of smoke bellowing from the yagna fire. The hall was packed with guests, all with their eyes watering from the irritation caused by the smoke. But nobody complained because it is believed that the smoke strenghtens marriages.

It’s early morning 1:20 a.m now. In another 3 hours, the marriage function would start. I look forward to falling at the couple’s feet and seek their blessings. When me, my wife and my kid touch their feet, it’ll be our way of showing our respect to them for inspirng us to stick with each other through life’s high and low.