In General

Cycling Trip : Sunday morning is gonna be unlike any other. Myself a group of journalistic gang of five are starting off on a cycling trip from Chennai to Vandalur which is a 35 kms trip oneway. We are starting off at 5:30 in the morning which means I will have to get up atleast by 4:30 a.m to get ready and cycle to our rendezvous.

The cycling group has an impressive line up from Economic Times ( Ramnath ), The Hindu (Rajeshwari), Business Standard ( Leena), and Indian Express ( Sankar, the chief organiser).

I wanted to get my cycle all shaped up in prim and propah condition and so I left it at the local cycle repair shop. I come back a couple of hours later to find the shop locked (with my cycle inside it) to my disbelief. Apparently the owner wasn’t keeping well and decided to shut shop. At about 9:00 in the night, we went hunting for a cycle hire shop and luckily landed one.

Now, Time to go and make that lemonade. Looking forward to the fun.