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PayPal + Western Union + Remit2India = Happy Indian freelance Programmers:

There are lots of freelance programmers in India who do business with overseas clients. And with Outsourcing gaining momentum, this breed is growing fast. But unfortunately, there is no one single hassle free way to receive money. Sure, there is the Western Union, but their commission rates are atrociously high. Sure, there is the Remit2India, Cash2India types, but they take almost a week to send across the money. And then, there is the PayPal, which does not have any collaboration with any Indian banks.

The perfect combination would be PayPal’s amazing online facility to accept and send money and Western Union’s ‘2-minute-money-transfer’ and Remit2India’s facility to send the money directly to the Indian bank account.

There is a definite opportunity here. Whoever satisfies this need is going to make the Indian freelance programmers very happy and in the process rake in a lot of moolah.