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Hunting for a Cycling Helmet.

I’ve been looking at picking up a cycling helmet ever since I had started cycling to work, but with no luck. I’ve searched high and low but never got around to finding one in Chennai. The 26 kms journey that I make everday to work and back, carries its own set of risks. Cycling is not the most safest form of transportation in Chennai. Atleast, I don’t wanna get blamed for not being careful.

Here’s my request.

Preference #1 : If you come across a place in Chennai which sells cycling helmets, I’d love to hear about it. That would be the most convenient for me to pick it up.

Preference #2: Can you point me to an online shop that sells this and more importantly, which does shipping to India. I did scan through Froogle. Though there are lots of online shops, I only came across ones that does shipping within the US. It would be great to find a shop that ships to India.

Preference #3 : This is my last resort. In the eventuality I don’t find it here in Chennai or don’t find an online shop that ships to India, can I request someone from outside of India help me out in sourcing this one. I’m willing to pay for the product, its shipping and any extra expenditure that you incur, via PayPal. You have my gratitude.

If you have some info that can be of help, kindly write in to me at kiruba[@] Thanks in advance for your help.