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A Story That Truly Touched My Heart

You may have heard this story before but I’d still like to tell it again because it make so much sense right now.

One early morning, an old man noticed a young boy at a beach picking up something and dropping it in the ocean. On closer look, he realised that there were thousands of starfish washed ashore on the beach. When the sun would rise, most of these will die on the hot sand. The young boy patiently picked up as many as he could and dropped it into the sea.

The old man approached the boy and said, “There are many thousands of them on the shore. What differece can you make? Go home, boy”.

The young boy picked up a starfish and then looked at the old man,”Sir, I may not be able to make a difference to all the thousands. But I sure will make a difference to this starfish”. So saying, he calmly walked to the sea and released the starfish into the sea.

It’s a powerful story that has touched me. It’s the same scenario now. There are thousands of people affected. Even if we get around to helping a single person, we would have made a difference.

If you can spare help, even if it is a single dollar, a single blanket, a single breakfast, please do so. You may think its too miniscule, too little to help. You are wrong. There could be someone who could get benefitted by it.