In General

Photos from the afternoon beach visit

There was a warning that a tsunami could strike anytime from 2:00 p.m to 6:00 p.m. The police immediately swung into action blocked all roads leading to the beach. Even as I took this snap, the policemen were shouting at me to move away.

People eagerly looking to see if the sea water was indeed rising.

Onlookers started to crowd around to get a glimse of the ocean.

This guy really caught my attention. He held a placard warning people of the dangers of tsunami. He stood there patiently in the hot sun for the entire section of the time I was there.

A closer look at the placard. Here is a rough translation.

“Don’t stand here. The tsunami travels at a speed of 800 kms and you can’t run away from it at that speed. The sea water can come inland to a distance of 2 to 5 kms. So please don’t stand here”

Since I couldn’t go near the ocean, I coaxed the servant of a bunglow to let me go to the terrace. After a bit of pleading, I was let in. While walking up, I noticed that the house was completely empty. I was told that the owners have vacated it lock stock and barrel with just the servants to look after it.

This was the first house from the ocean and the terrace gave a spectacular view of the ocean. As I stood there, I could almost imagine a huge wave crashing in. It was very easy to visualise and everytime I get a tingling sensation in my tummy. I saw three ships on the horizon and I wondered how they could bravely venture into the ocean inspite of the tsunami warning.

I had a malaysian journalist for company. He had come armed with a handycam and binoculors. He stayed in an apartment nearby and didn’t want to miss the tsunami. He looked like he would stay the entire day waiting for the moment.