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Helping People Beyond Borders

There are many reasons why I love the movie, ‘Beyond Borders’. One strong one is the way the movie portrays the passion that relief workers have in helping the needy people. Their sheer unselfishness and their steely resolve to make a difference in other people’s lives really rubs on to you.

If you are planning to watch, here’s a warning. It’s not your typical hollywood film offering entertainment. No wonder, it didn’t hit the theatres. Sure, there’s heavy romance, but watch it for the human spirit and resolve. The DVD cover says, “It’ daringly original” and I’ll agree. Brilliant performance by Clive Owen and Anjelina Jolie. (This movie was instrumental in her getting the UN ambassador role.).

Like I said, I liked the movie for various other reasons as well, but I believe this movie sparked my dormant desire inside me to make a difference to the affected people.