In General

We travelled 236 kms to MGR Thittu, a picture postcard island completely ravaged by the Tsunami. This is a fabulously beautiful place that would fit in very well in a Robinson Crusoe story. Over 200 Families had stayed here for well over 40 years and now there is nobody. Everything washed away by the giant waves. Many died and those who survived are prohibited to live in the island by the government. Click here to view some of the photos from our trip.

Suman has chronicled our experiences beautifully in his site. It’s a slightly longish post but do read it fully.

Anita has showcased the pick of the snaps on her site.

Nanda has an extensive and very good selection of snaps with a short write up for each. Must visit.

Arun is an ace photographer and has a kickarse camera. He prefers taking black and white snaps. Anita and Nanda also had film cameras in addition to their digital ones. So in a few more days time, we can expect to see more snaps.