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The article in RITZ magazine

Ok, I finally managed to get the magazine from a Nilgris superstore. The mag has an article about me on page 45, an outcome of an interview that took place about a month ago. The interviewer, a very friendly and vivacious lady, did a reasonably decent job. (I’m trying to hunt down her email id to send her a thank you note.)

For starters, I thank my stars that this article is not *ONLY* on blogging. Personally, I’m getting tired of being branded the blog man. Thankfully, this article covers the other aspects, what I can say as, a well rounded coverage.

My first impression : Very flattering. I mean, if I had read an article like this about another person, I’d be mighty impressed with that person. However, there are slight exaggerations. For example, I don’t get up *everyday* at 4:30 a.m. I do, but not everyday. I’m not the oldest blogger in India. I’m just 22 years. Ah ok! You nearly fell for that, eh? 🙂 What she must’ve meant was I’m *one of the* earliest bloggers in India.

What you see below is the cover page of the magazine. Surprisingly very glossy. It stood its own ground against the Cosmopolitans and the Feminas at the magazine stand. To the right is the snap of Page 45, where my coverage is. Click on the image to view a bigger picture ( warning 295K). If you don’t have the patience, here is a quick loading HTML page.