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Jason Kottke to blog full time

Jason Kottke has quit his job to concentrate on blogging full time at He then requests his blog readers to turn micropatrons by helping him out with money.

In response to his request, I ‘PayPal’ed him my bit. Here’s why. His was one of the first blogs that I’ve been checking. For about six years now. And in a way, he has influenced me in coming out with my own blog. You should’ve guessed that from the design itself.

Personally if you ask me, I think quitting a full time job is a stupid decision. For starters, he is losing out on a regular income. Second, blogging is best enjoyed as a hobby. Not as a bread winner. Just because you like pickle, try having that alone for your lunch and dinner. Get the picture?

But then, hey, I’m not Jason. And you need to credit the guy for the brave move. Here’s wishing him best to light his own bulb.