In General

The Laptop Update.

My office has given me a Toshiba Satellite. Its a slightly oldish model but it works like a charm. With my immediate need taken care of, I’ve deferred my decision to buy a laptop by atleast a month or two.

Here’s what my research shows.

DELL : Rejected outright. Shamefully, they have no service centre in Chennai. If the laptop needs to be services, then we’ll have to courier it to Bangalore. That’s crazy. Besides, not only are the models expensive, their sales executives suck. When I aksed for a brochure, they mail me a zipped word file with a PDF embeddd inside. Result:the file doesn’t open. Duh!

SAMSUNG : Rejected. Expensive. Period.

TOSHIBA : Rejected. Don’t like the design. Heavy. Expensive.

COMPAQ / HP : Rejected. I absolutely didn’t like the looks of their Centrino models.

IBM ThinkPad : Stands a chance. I like the performance, the sturdiness and the ‘nipple’. Don’t like the ugly moronic design. Heavy.

ACER Travelmate : Stands the best chance. Nice design. Sleek. Like the silver colour. Angled keyboard with soft touch keys. Affordable. The most cost effective centrino model in the market. But a few people advise against buying an Acer. So, the negative opinion is holding me up a bit.