In General

I’m in Bangalore This Weekend

Participating in the Bangalore Marathon. Will be running along with a gang of friends. I heard that the organizers have changed the route for the Marathon at the last minute. And worse, they have asked all shops to shut down along the route. Not the best way to take a closer look at Bangalore.

There’s a Bangalore Bloggers Meet happening on Sunday, at 4:00 p.m at Barista’s on St.Marks Road. A very interesting set of people are attending it and am looking forward to meet the new folks.

Another important agenda is to dine at Madhu‘s Shiok restaurant. I’ve been promising for a full year and am finally doing it. After the bloggers’ meet, a few of us are heading over here for dinner. The Chef is personally playing host to us!

I also have to check out the infamous Bangalore traffic for myself. During my college days there, it wasn’t that bad. So, it’ll be interesting to check out the level of deterioration. And yeah, got to check out The Forum’ super mall to see if the ‘Oohs & aahs’ of folks who’ve seen it is justified.