In General

Tidbits from Bangalore

I went over to check out Kanteevara Stadium, the venue for the start of the Bangalore Marathon. It’s a good thing I checked out the venue in advance. It was here that the organizers tell me that the start time has been advanced by an hour to 6:00 a.m and I need to check in by 5:00 a.m !! Holy cow! I could’ve easily missed the run.

I’m sleeping over at Shyam’s & Sathish’s place. Fellow marathoners & bloggers. We are planning for a carbohydrates rich dinner. Will also be preparing our very own high powered lime juice concoction.

The clime at Bangalore is definitely more pleasant (as compared to Chennai). I hardly sweat even though the sun is shining high. Unfortunately, this may not be good for a marathon. Sweating is a natural cooling mechanism and the lack of it is gonna make things a trifle difficult.

Checked out Forum. Quite frankly, it’s a dissapointment. I mean, it definitely didn’t stand up to all the hype. I’d definitley rate Spencers anytime better. But yeah, one thing that Forum scores very high is the quality of crowd.

What’s with this lazy attitude? I go to this Lipton’s promotion stall outside Forum. They had huge tubs filled with Ice and bottles of Lipton ice tea. There were about half dozen guys in Lipton Tshirts lazing around and chatting. I go over and ask for a bottle and to my utter surprise, the guy says, “It’s lunch time. Come after one hour”!. Hello? Can’t you open a fricking bottle cap?

It didn’t stop there. I go to this place called Sreeraj Lassi shop. It looks like a chain of speciality lassi joints. I was in a mood to drink cold buttermilk. So walk in and ask for one. He says, “We sell only Lassi. We don’t sell buttermilk”! I’m like ‘Duh!’. A speciality Lassi shop can’t mix some water?? Pissed, I asked the guy for a Salt Lassi, and an extra glass. I poured some water, whipped it and drank it.