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Bangalore Bloggers Meet : Late Edition Report

I attended the meet barely hours after I finished the gruelling 41 km marathon. My legs were hurting real bad (and so did other parts of the body), but all that was forgotten in the midst of such bubbly folks.

One reason why I always look forward to blogger meets is because by nature most bloggers are very outgoing and very extrovertish. Your mood pumps up. It’s amazing how quickly the ice gets broken. (You got me at ‘Hi’!!). Barely minutes into the meet, we were already pulling legs and making fun of folks.

It was during the Bangalore trip that I missed my camera the most. It conked off after it got wet in rain. Anyways, there were the good guys who brought along their digis.

Here’s an assorted collection of pics.

There’s an awesome video that captures 360 degrees of the blog meet from Muthu’s new cam. Don’t miss it. (God bless his bandwidth usage, though! 🙂 There are more photos from at Krishna‘s, Venkat‘s, and Anand‘s. Expect to see new photos soon at Anita‘s as well.