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Setting up WiFi at Home.

Ah! This is the interesting part. Dirtying your hands in setting up the networks yourself. I’ve got a DSL Broadband Wireless Router 54 Mbps/ 2.4 GHz from NetGear (model WGR614). Picked it up from Ritchie Street. Surprisingly affordable at Rs.2600. This is at nearly half the cost of a comparable D-Link router.

I can’t fix it yet because my DSL modem is USB type. I would need an Ethernet Modem to fix up the broadand router. I’ve asked Airtel to replace it and they have promised a free replacement within three days.

We are getting in a couple of PCs in to help with my wife’s work. Here is how the general networking is planned. Not the exact one though but roughly close.

I’d all ears to hear your tips and suggestions.