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IBM Has a Fanstastic Opportunity

One of the most difficult attributes to find in an employee is integrity. A guy who puts his company before his personal benefits is extremely rare to find. It’s this kind of person that the company should treasure.

The company, obviously, is IBM and the employee, Gaurav Sabnis.

With so much of focus on IIPM and Freedom of Speech issue, IBM now has a fantastic opportunity to prove itself as a very employee friendly company. In my opinion, IBM should approach Gaurav on its own and invite him to join the company back. If it does, it’ll stand immortalised.

People absolutely look up to a company which protects its employees. It’ll do more good for IBM than being featured in a Dataquest’s Top 10 Best Employer listing.

IIPM wouldn’t dare burn those 1500 laptops, especially with so much negative backlash against them from both bloggers and main stream media. So, there’s nothing for IBM to worry. It has everything to gain by taking back Gaurav.