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Blog + Google = Sometimes Trouble

Here’s a real life incident of Hossein Derakhshan who got into trouble with the US Border Security Police because of what he wrote on his blog. Hossein is an Iranian settled in Canada. At the US – Canada border, the police had googled his name and chanced upon his blog which had satirical inference about the Bush administration. Unfortunately, it was also suspicion provoking and he had to pay the price. His entry has been rejected and been barred from entring for the next six months.

Here’s my opinion.

1) I won’t blame the US border police. He probably did the right thing on his part by following orders..”If suspicious, don’t take chance. “

2) What you write can be googled. And will be googled. It’s not just with companies. Now, we know that police use it too. So take care. Does that mean you need to censor yourself of your frank opinions? Not necessarily. But be sensible and practical.

What are your views?