In General

Views Outside the Tennis Statium

Last night, I went over to book tickets for the Chennai Open ATP tournament. And here are some glimpses.

That’s the map of the seating arrangement at the stadium. The guy at the ticketing counter was going crazy. I’m not surprised why. Imagine this… West Yellow on Wednesday Rs.50, North Yellow on Saturday is Rs.150, East Brown is Rs.50 but on Sundays it is Rs.100, North Brown is Rs.150, South Yellow 2 is Rs.50 but South Yellow 1 is Rs.150….Grrr..forget the ticket counter guy, I nearly pulled my hair out just trying to comprehend it.

The entrance to the posh tennis stadium. Pretty well organized.

What ofcourse wasn’t well organized was this low class eatery, bang opposite to the stadium. I’m not sure what kind of a message are we passing on to the international players and visiting public.

Innovative marketing. There was this guy with a rugsack that had the Indian Oil illuminated baloon. He kept walking around and it sure caught people’s attention.

The NDTV vehicle stationed right outside the statdium compound, broadcasting info to the base station.

The Police were surpringly friendly. Not only did they allow me to shoot around, they even posed a friendly.

I’m eagerly looking forward to a week of quality tennis action.