In General

Action on Day 2 at ATP Chennai Open

That’s the view of the tennis stadium from my seat. It’s actually a lot closer to the action than it looks. Watching top stars in action were a real treat. Awesome tennis action. And you begin to realise why these guys like Carlos Moya and Paradon Srichapan are regarded as one of the best in the world.

A side angle view of the stadium. I had taken my daughter along and she began running all over the stadium. I had to keep chasing her and in a way I got to see the stadium in different angles. I liked the straight angle to enjoy the aces and the side angle to enjoy the net play.

The placard that was distributed in the stadium.

That’s Charu Sharma interviewing Carlos Moya after his win against Normal Dick in the first round. Moya had amazing crowd support. I heard its even more than what Leander Paes had.

The awesome 2007 Mercedes Benz S-class. It’s absolutely drool worthy.

But more than the car, it was this cycle that really got my attention. It’s the awesome Merc cycle. This is the first time I get to touch and feel the cycle of which I’ve heard a lot about. I heard it costs Rs.35000 though I didn’t get it verified officially. I was too engrossed with the cycle to worry about any questions.

Both its wheels has disc brakes. Awesome. However, the welding finishes weren’t that good. That was a surprise. Our own Hero cycles have better finishes. Nevertheless, the cycle was awesome looking and what’s more, it even had my favorite silver colour. If only I was earning a lot more….. sigh!

A view of the stalls at the stadium where people were hanging out.

The Speed challenge stall had the public try their hands at serving and their speeds were recorded. The highest that I noticed was around the 150 kmph mark.

Beautiful vintage sports posters displayed at the stadium.