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Chennai Marathon On NDTV

I had my 2 cents worth to share on the Chennai Marathon coverage on NDTV. It was shown pretty much the whole day on their news program.

This particular snapshot was taken from Nidhi Razdan’s Live show.

That’s Alaphia covering the event.

That’s me being covered. It’s third time lucky for me. The earlier two times I got interviewed on NDTV but never made it on air.

Alaphia came in for a real quick visit to my apartment take in my views. The touch competition between the news channels means she had to rush to another event to cover it. The competition may be good for the audience but its definitely weighing in on the journos.

Check out the video below. Click on the play button. Sorry, no audio. Stupid cam. I was voicing my displeasure at the organizers closing down the marathon after 3.5 hours. There are quite a handful folks who really aspire to complete the marathon. They are not in it for the prize but for the satisfaction of achieving the near impossible. It’s just not right devoiding them the opportunity. The Rotary, organizers of the event, definitely need help from a professional event management company.