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Asking Money… and How?

You work in a company and quickly get fed up with corporate ratrace. Entrepreneurial bug bites you and you want to start your own shop. You look at all those blog deal$ making money in the US and inspired to start one. But pretty soon, you realise it isn’t working out. What do you do? Create an interesting page asking for money. And oh, add a sprinkle of arrogance at that.

I met this guy in Bombay at the Digital Summit 2006. Amongst all the corporate grey suits, here was one city dude in a white Tshirt that had on it. I hadn’t heard about the site or the guy. I stuck up a short conversation with him and he came across as a enthu guy. I’m not sure if his call for money is the best way nor do I think his business plan is viable but I sure do wish him good luck.